T1 5wks a1c 5.6 looking for advice!

Well as you see from the title I am 5wks pregnant (not very far along)! My husband and I could not be more excited! My diabetes control causes me the most anxiety about being pregnant and I am looking for any advice, words of wisdom, as to how you all cope and deal with T1 while being pregnant. I am also looking for any information on labor and wearing an insulin pump. I currently pump and CGM and am wondering if people wear their pumps while in labor.
Thank you in advance! I look forward to participating in this forum!

Sounds like you're doing a great job.  Do your best to avoid lows.  It helped me to bolus, eat, then check blood sugar an hour later and give a correction bolus if needed to prevent post-meal highs.

I wore my pump in labor.  I was induced at 6pm on a Monday night and then the real labor started the next morning.  My pump kept my blood sugars well regulated during labor.  It helps that you can't eat.  I also kept glucose tablets to offset any minor blood sugar drops.  By about 3am on Wednesday my labor stopped progressing and so my pump was removed and I had a cesarean.  I was on an insulin drip for about 24 hours and then went back on my pump.    

My endo & I agreed ahead of time that I would be in charge of my diabetes while in labor. (No OBs or nurses trying to tell me what they thought was best!) I kept my pump & cgm in during labor & my eventual c-section. The saline they were giving me had a small amount of glucose in it and after watching my sugar slowly creep up I requested the “sugar free” version & it stayed nice & steady. The CGM was pretty much wrong the whole time (which is unusual, not sure if it was due to the saline/hydration or what), so I just checked hourly during labor and into that first day. After birth I was low a lot as I figured out what my new post-pregnancy basal rates needed to be, but my incredible night nurse kept me stocked with juice & graham crackers. The endo visited me daily and every time just told to nurses to follow my lead because I was doing great at managing myself. Love that man. It was SO much less stressful than I psyched myself up to handle.