T-slim x2 clip

Is anyone else having problems with their tslim falling off their pants, while using the standard clip and case? Anytime I stand up, or bend over, my pump is dangling from the tubing, which can be quite annoying when my hands are full and I have to walk with the pump swinging away. Has anyone had better luck with other cases, or have any suggestions for using this case and clip?

Our son (tSlim x2) refuses to wear anything stiffer or snugger than basketball shorts, but hasn’t really had problems. He wears it horizontally. A co-worker of mine has an older tSlim and I notice she keeps hers in her pocket for the most part, wearing it vertically. Not knowing what type of clothes you’re typically wearing, I would think that if the clip is fairly snug to start with, it might be the fabric or position of the pump. Have you tried swapping the clip position?

Thank you! I wasn’t aware I could change the direction of the clip. I did that, and it seems to be helping!!