Day three on the Tandem Tslim...HYOOOOGE design flaw!

great device, but…

what moron designed the carrying case with the clip so that the user has to either unclip it from their beltline or (my personal favorite…) learn to read upside down.
Great design if you wanna make it easier for those times when your showing others how it works because you don’t even have to unclip it. You just need to coax people to stare directly at your crotchal region.
Crappy design for those of us that actually have to use it, daily.

Rant over.
Any body have any sources of better clips (or at least one that makes this device more easily readable by the user?)


@AJZimmerman no I am sorry I don’t and I am sorry but thanks for the laugh I really did need one today!

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A friend of mine recently bought one that properly orients the pump. I think she said she bought it through a 3rd party vendor off the Tandem online store. BTW, DME rules have me locked in to old technology Medtronic until 2020. I would be thrilled to put up with your huge design flaw. Want to trade?


Andy @AJZimmerman, it is no way as simple and handy as the MiniMed “holster”. I changed my clip to the “end” position - the end with the cartridge tail - and as long as I have the pump clipped on my right side I can use it without un-clipping.
As I favor using my left hand, I needed retraining from the many years with my ild pumps.

Not a fan of the Tandem “clip” “case” or what ever you want to call it either. Poor design…

I bought a case from Type 1 Tactical. Dumb name…but this small company builds a solid case that is easy to use.

I use an older Medtronic Minimed holster for my t:slim X2 pump.
It fits nicely(has a belt clip), and I can rotate it 180 degrees for ease of use. I took my clip off my pump when I first got it, and have never used it. It was awkward, to say the least, to use.

I have no idea what you’re talking about specifically, but you’re hilarious, and that was really appreciated today!! Good luck with the design! :grin:

You need a 3D printer. If I had a Tslim I’d send you something nice, but I dont have any measurements to go by or a device to test fitment on.

Hi Mary @FlasH2b, I also found that the t-Slim fits in the old [MM 522 and 523] MiniMed holsters. Even fits with the Tandem case.
I keep one on my counter for easy access when I know I will be needing more frequent access.

Hm , maybe your was put in wrong , I got no problems! Love it , alc 5.8 !! , 40 years diabetic no complications ! Thank God

I agree that this is a big design flaw. Clip-n-Go is what I used when I had a Tandem pump. I use a Medtronic with Dexcom CGM now. There is s much personal preference involved in pumping! Good luck finding the case that works best for you.

Hate the garage door opener attached to my hip. Wish they had more than one option for cases or clips. I used to clip my Medtronic to my shirt for changing and going to the bathroom.

I noticed the same issue with my Medtronic 670G. It seems like in early trials, someone would have yelled out about this problem…lol. I don’t get it. But, I have so much time on my hands and not nearly enough things to do with managing my BG. I bet no one thought one more thing to do would be an issue. lol

I know what you mean. I don’t care if people watch me use it but it would be more convenient the other way. I tried using the vertical clip but that one kept popping off so I use the one that’s upside down. A lot of the time I just keep my pump in my pocket though.

I gave up on the clip completely. There are a few companies that make t-shirts and underwear with pockets to carry your pump. Easy access and no one can tell that you are wearing a pump.

I have been using Clip-N-Go cases from Unique for 15 years, no matter which pump. They clip to anything and are the most comfortable and discreet pump cases I know of. They have a new Clip-N-Stow for the Tandem pump, too.