Supplements Leveling up Immunity? For T1Ds, good Idea or not a good idea?

Hi Anyone, hope you are safe and well at this time.

Please share with me any factual research or knowledge showing that Immune Supporting supplements or Herbs that “level up” one’s immunity or (boost, support, one’s immune system) will react opposite with a T1D, please let me know. My question is, will these types of supplements such as spirulina or echinacea or golden seal root strengthen the immune systems attack on the pancreas cells rather than strengthen the immunity to fight viral or bacterial intrusion? When I mention these supplements to my health care team I get a blank stare. Thanks in advance! Mary

Mary @Disco2, I do not use “leveling up” stuff, and the only supplements I do use are on the advice of physicians who know and understand MY body. but beyond that …

TypeOneDiabetes is an autoimmune condition wherein the autoimmune system identifies insulin-producing beta-cells as a danger and destroys those cells. TypeOne is NOT an immune system deficiency. A body’e immune system, and a body’s autoimmune system - although they sound quite similar, are not the same thing and should not be confused.

That said, it is imperative that each person with T1D manage her/his diabetes effectively due to the fact that elevated sugar / glucose levels can be breeding grounds for infection and and other rotten stuff. A person with diabetes, any of the several types, is considerably more subject to bacterial infection, and only slightly more subject to viral infections like the current novel virus.

I am not a licensed medical professional.

Thanks Dennis! i’m glad to learn this…still waiting for my doctor’s response, but the one’s I mentioned certainly do a good job for me in regards to heading off bacteria related UTI and other stuff. The proof might just be in the pudding, thanks for your feedback. M

You are very welcome, Mary @Disco2.

You are correct, “proof in the pudding”, and if you have been using them and receiving benefit, without experiencing adverse side-effects, keep on with them. Ugggg, UTI; one I had, without me noticing any symptoms put me in hospital for nine days of IV anti-bacterial treatments.
At each visit to a doctor, I always carry a printed list of all my medications, including OTC, just so that each doctor is current on what other doctors prescribe or advise.

geez Dennis that sounds hectic! my Endo actually got back to me today saying its not hindering anything nor hurting the pancreas - referred me to the Mayo clinic online research website on those supplements, the echinecea golden seal root combo is especially like a natural antibiotic for bacterial - its worked for me so many times. anyway - live strong be safe!


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