Thats cute now tell us something that won't make us want to

could lead to novel ways to prevent T1D in at-risk populations, and slow the progression of the disease in individuals already diagnosed.

Hey there @supersam101 ;

I’m confused. T1 is viral, for lack of a better qualifier. I don’t think there’s an “at-risk population”, we are as diverse as any other auto-immune disease with no physical trigger.

Slowing progression, now there’s a expansive topic. I would suggest the contents of this website are the suggestions and tips you are looking for.

In general: test, exercise, count your carbs, visit your health-care professionals, and track cause/effects of what you do.

I’m sad to say it, but there’s no magic bullet, there’s no exact regimen that works for everyone. I’m a very fortunate and ill-behaved 52 yo T1, diagnosed at 10 mos. I have lived my life drinking, druging, smoking; I eat potato chips and pizza with abandon; I’ve been vegetarian, gluten-free, additive free; I alternate wearing a CGMS with testing 1-2x a day, I used to give myself 8 shots a day, now I wear a pump.


But I am well-informed. I KNOW if I have 2 slices of pizza, I have to program my insulin dose for a longer basal delivery to match the metabolism of all those carbs with all that cheese. I KNOW that when I’m sick and have no appetite, I need to bump my bolus up 10-20 % to cover the cortisol generated by being stressed from illness. I KNOW that I need to treat a hangnail like it’s a gaping wound to prevent infections. I KNOW that every morning when I wake, I am facing a new adventure in control of my disease.

This all comes with a hell of a lot of frustration and more than a fair share of failures over an extremely long time.

As I recall our previous exchanges, I surmise you are still getting your feet under you since your diagnosis. Life is unfair as you are just starting your life journey. But you are strong, you are a fighter. I hope you learn from the stories we all present to you within this forum.

My ONLY advice is to give any new regimen you try a fair shake. EVERYTHING takes a bunch of time, and a bunch of trial and error.

Stay strong -



Thanks Nancy but for me I can breath in and my sugar will go to 14

Also I can’t afford a pump and don’t want one simply because I don’t want to be a walking medical instrument. @nannimae

to clarify this subject because it can be quite confusing. I would like to clarify that it was a poke at health institutions. They were saying they can prevent anyone getting the disease and only partially heal the already affected. The subject label was sensored by the website’s bot. The title was just saying that “that’s cute, but tell us something that won’t make us despise the companies in question.”