Stupid Flimsy Dollar Bils

Today in last hour at school, I got a very sudden low BG! So my friends lent me a dollar to get a bottle of juice from the Coke machine...low and behold when I went to put the bill into the dollar bill slot it was to flimsy and wouldnt go in! So there I was standing there getting lower every second trying to shove a dollar into the machine when finally a senior had to come open it for me to get me a bottle of juice! So annoying! and rather funny though...haha

THAT would suck.  I get really mad when the machine won't take my money, but that's just because I can't get my dietcoke caffine fix.

Omg! I would have died. I would have started banging the stupid machine. Knowing me they would have to remove me from the school. lol

I know! I think I did hit it once or twice... heh heh :P

that would suck! when i was low at school and i had to get juice from my locker which was just outside the classroom, my teacher would make someone go out there with me to make sure i was ok.

that would never happen to me because a) my school doesnt have dollar bills and b) i keep fruit snacks in my locker!!! plus i RARELY go low except at camp....

woooow am i out of it today!! when i said my school doesnt have dollar bills i meant to say it doesnt have VENDING MACHINES!!! lol i guess i wasnt thinking while i was typing......:P