Steroids in the 3rd trimester

Hey all, 

I'm posting yet again! Did anyone get steroid shots during their third trimester? Either to mature the baby's lungs or to treat PUPPP? I was just diagnosed with PUPPP today, and a cortisone shot is on the list of possible treatments if I cannot live with it, or if it just keeps getting worse. I'm curious to see what experiences other T1D's have had with steroid shots, and what was done to keep BG readings down. 

For those of you that don't know what on earth I'm talking about... PUPPP is a rash developed in the third trimester that itches like crazy! It's overall completely  harmless to me and the baby, but very difficult to deal with. It sucks! But my little guy is totally worth it  :-)

I wouldn't take the steroid shot unless you've tried everything else and the rash is absolutely killing you.  

Steroids cause dramatic insulin resistance.  I took cortisol for a short time with hives and even though I doubled my insulin dose I couldn't get my blood sugars below 300, which I'm sure made the rash worse.  I'd never take steroids again, unless I was in a life threatening situation.  

Sorry you're going through this.  Pregancy is hard enough with having a bad rash.  

Take care.  -Jenna

Just an FYI for anyone else with this issue... I got 2 injections of Celestone this yesterday and the day before to mature my little guy's lugs since I was showing signs of preterm labor. Ironically the shots will also help with the PUPPP. I currently have my basal rate set at 200% and am getting reasonable BG readings. I test a lot more, and correct often, but it seems to be going on. The highest reading I got was in the 260's, but I had a plan of action developed with my endo, and was able to bring it down quickly. After this experience, I don't think I would fight the shots if they are needed for the baby, handling the highs for the following few days seems to be completely doable.

I am so sorry you had to go through that but, hope that it helps your baby and of course your rash!