Third trimester worries! seeking advice!

Hello all! I joined this group to seek advice and support from women dealing with situations similar to mine! I have been type 1 for ten years. I am on the medtronic mini-med insulin pump and I am currently 29w 5d pregnant!!!!! I am so excited. I started this pregnancy with a high a1c of 8 and worked hard during my first trimester to make sure it was going to go down. I got it down to 7 and then closer to 6 during my first and second trimesters. Now that I am in my third trimester I am experiencing ALOT of insulin resistance :(  It is very discouraging after all the hard work I put in to lower my a1c. Sometimes I go to bed with a great blood sugar and wake up and its higher. If I do have a high number it seems that it takes forever for it to go down to normal. I worry constantly that something may happen to the baby. I had a sonogram today and he is measuring at 3lbs! I was told that was on the heavier side but as I have been looking up estimated fetal weights at certain weeks, it seems that it is still in the range. Any advice? Is anyone in their third trimester and experiencing anything similar?

Hey lady! Great work getting those numbers down, I know it’s not easy! As far as te third trimester goes… I was right there with ya. I battled high numbers from about week 29 through birth at 37w5d. I worked closely with my endo to keep my pump settings up to snuff, sometimes by making multiple adjustments every week! I also limited refined carbs to almost nil (no cookies, cereal, sweets, frenchfries, pasta etc) an instead focused on only eating good carbs like whole wheat bread, fruit, etc. not easy, but it helped! My a1c jumped from 5.6 to 6.4 in the last trimester still. My endo blames the steroid shots I got during preterm labor, but I know my numbers were just a tad higher too. Sorry for the rant… But In a nutshell I recommend testing A LOT and limiting refined carbs. You’ll get there! They payoff is worth it!

I had the same night time insulin resistance problem. Even with multiple correction boluses it wouldn’t go down. What ended up working the best for me was to get super aggressive in changing my night time basal rates. If I waited the three or more days to make sure it was a trend I got farther behind and it became harder to catch up to the insulin resistance. Make sure you check with endo before you try this though! Even being super aggressive in adjusting basals this was still the hardest time for me to predict and I often ran high during the night, but could keep them low enough to keep my a1c down. Hope this helps, I know this was the most frustrating time of day for me. Good luck!

Third Trimester is a killer. My A1c elevated as well, I ate a lot less carbs and checked a lot more often.

3 pounds at 29 weeks doesn't seem so big to me. I just had my son in November and he was a big one. 10 pounds 13oz that was with well controlled blood sugars! I gave birth at 39 weeks. I do think they made me go a little too long but he was also estimated to weigh between 8-9 pounds not 10-11. I was in shock after he was born, and they said 10 13 in L&D.

Are you a scheduled C-section? or induced? I was induced but the cervidil wasn't working so I opted for a c-section and good thing because I gave birth to a toddler! haha

Hi There! I am currently 28w 1d..I feel your excitement and frustration! Congrats on getting your A1C down during the first and second trimester. For me, the last week or two has been crazy.  For some reason, my evening and overnights have been the times when I am most insulin resistant. I've been checking my sugars like crazy before each basal rate goes into effect...for me, that has been the key. For example, my 12am blood sugar was 2:45am it was 137..I took a correction and woke up at 5am and it was 152! I know that my 12-3am and 3am-5am basal rates will have to increase to compensate my 'creeping' blood sugars.My basal rate from 9-12am may increase a little too.  Its frustrating for sure.  I am used to seeing all my number between 70 and 120...

I have my ultrasound this thursday for estimated fetal weight but I would think around 3lbs is normal and right on track.  

Thank you ladies for your advice and suggestions!!!!!!! I am finding this site so helpful and it is comforting knowing that there are others going through the same as I am. My doctors and I have been playing with my basal rates constantly, It's such a change taking so much insulin!

As far as having a c-section or not, I think its going to be based on the baby's growth. I haven't decided if I would prefer a c-section or not. I have been reading a lot into it and can't seem to make a decision. Ultimately, I just want what is best for the baby and I!

Anyone have any advice on making that decision.. for a c-section or natural birth!?

Hi there, I am a type 1 diabetic and have been for over 20 years.  I am currently the mommy of an almost 5 month little girl.  I remember the third trimester being crazy, my insulin rates tripled I believe.  My A1C was 5.7 when I delivered and I still had a larger baby 9lbs 6oz.  I tried REALLY hard to have a natural birth, but in the end it just wasn't meant to be.  

I will say that looking back I would have rather had a planned c-section than all the drama that I went through to have my LO.  You have to do what is right for you :-).  Private message me if you have other questions or want details.  

Good Luck!

I had my appointment today and my a1c is at 6.8!!!! I was so concerned with all of the high blood sugars that it would go back up to where I started. Hard work does pay off :) Not loving the fact that I have to take so much insulin but it is totally necessary with all of the resistance I am having. I have gained 24lbs at this point. The doctor said that it is okay and we are aiming for no more then 35 for the whole pregnancy!

Hope everyone is doing well!!


Good luck with not gaining more weight! I was doing well with my weight gain until the last couple of months. After my son was born it was evident that all of the weight came from amniotic fluid!!!

As far as a decision for a csection, my entire pregnancy I was a planned induce the entire time, sometimes what you plan doesn't always go that way! I opted for a csection because the induce wasn't working and I still could have needed a section anyway. for me it made more sense to just get it. I wished It was a planned csection the entire time but then I would have had too much time to think about it ! That in itself would have made me feel anxiety!!!