So irritating

Ive been a t1d diabetic for 28 1/2 years. Im doing what im supposed to be doing such as testing, taking meds and just cant ssem to get a handle on it lately. Plus my diabetes educator just makes me feel like she does not care. Need help

Hi Erik @erikpratt, sounds as if it may be time to say “good bye” to that “educator”.
After 28 years, you should have more knowledge about diabetes management than any person who does not have TypeOne and YOU should be making decisions as to timing and quantity of insulin, meals and activity - and YES, you should review your decisions regularly [three months] with a knowledgable endocrinologist.
You must be aware that diabetes protocol is “not set in stone” but rather is changing as your body changes. You have first hand knowledge of what your body is doing, what foods appear to trouble you and insulin to maintain proper body function - begin by making notes of what you are doing, review effectiveness of your actions and take action. Maybe I’m “different” in my approach, but somehow my study and methods [yes, I made diabetes management my “hobby and science project” many years ago] but somehow I’ve managed to live a full, very active life “surviving” diabetes into its seventh decade of my life.

@erikpratt hi Erik, I have had to fire endocrinologists and pump trainers… never had to fire a CDE but I am old school and if I don’t know something about diabetes I just guess and figure it out.

The bottom line: your health care team works for you. someone ain’t working out? Bye!

The other lesson learned is that I cannot depend on doctors, nurses, etc. I am my primary care decision maker. I use a CDE for meal strategies and alternates but they have to figure out a plan that works for me, not something I have to bend my life around. Keep looking, someone will eventually click with you.

also, if I need something done then it’s me. In other words, I made much more progress reading “Diabetes Burnout”, “Think Like a Pancreas” and “Pumping insulin” than any health care provider ever taught me.

finally, with 28-1/2 years experience treating diabetes, I doubt you are going to find a CDE with more experience.

if something specific is bothering you then spill - we’re here for you.