So happy!

I just want to share the good news of the day with some people I know will appreciate it.  It has been a month since Allie started the basal/bolus and we love it! Her numbers look good and her A1C is down to 7.4!!

She is happier and her appetite is great. When she was on the NPH and Regular she HAD to eat all the time and boy was it a struggle getting her to eat all that she had to eat. Now she eats when she wants and eats how much she wants. I feel much more relaxed knowing we aren't on so much of a time schedule anymore. 

What a difference an insulin change can make!!

Great news!  It really makes a big difference when you've got an insulin program that fits your needs.  Congratulations!



thanks for sharing! we are getting ready to switch my daughter on to an insulin pump. I hope we'll have a success story to share too.