Smell of insulin

Does anyone smell insulin with their pump when in use throughout the day? I have been noticing that I smell the insulin on my self during the day when I am at work. Is this normal?

if that happens your tubing might be broken or the site might not be in right and it's leaking out

I am not sure about the pump but I can smell it on my daughter or after I give it to her for a while. Our cat goes nuts for it for some reason he is very attracted to the smell.

my pump does that when my tubing is broke. sometimes it breaks must a little and you cant tell. ba if you constantly smell insulin it probablly na a good thing you should check and make sure nothing is leaking.

If you smell insulin you should assume that there is a leak. With a pump insulin should not be noticeable at all. With injections, the top of the vial may have a little insulin on the latex on top and the syringe or pen may have some on the tip when it is not pushed all the way out in the skin. 

Kind of like a car, if you smell oil there is an oil leak or spill..same goes with insulin.

It does stink like something rotting to me.

Sometimes I notice it smells really strong right around the area where the tubing goes into the pump, especially if my tubing is a few days old.  I just always figured it had to do with the plastic bending back and forth so much.  It's gross lol.  I always hope I don't smell like it...but I'm pretty sure I don't. :)