Painful shots!

my son is a newly diagnosed teen....diagnosed with type 1 on july 10, 2009.  he has very little fat on his body (5'7, 113 lbs) and complains that giving the shot in his stomach hurts.  I usually do the breakfast and dinner shot for him in his arms but for lunch he is on his on.  Any tricks/suggestions?  I figured I would give him his breakfast shot in his stomach to see if maybe i can help him.  Thanks for all the help!


Try using an insulin pen. Get the shortest needles made for kids and thin adults. They are much shorter than standard syringe needles. Get the Pen script from your endo.

They also have alcohol pads with pain reliever in them at Walmart.. Not much more cost than regular alcohol pads.  They make the area a little numb.  Might help a bit.

Have you tried other sites?  Butt or thigh?  Our son uses these sites almost exclusively; the arms and stomach are too sensitive.



we are currently using the insulin pen, but i will def look into getting smaller needles.  We have the 5/16 ultrafine now, but i now there is a 3/16 size also.  Hopefully this will help!

Fred,  I looked for these at Target yesterday and they don't carry i will be heading to walmart today to pick up some.  I posted this question on the teen site also and got several additional great suggestions...hopefully something will work!

Mo,   I asked the endo about different sites.  They really want him to do the arms and stomach for the short acting.  We are using the butt and thighs for the night shot.  I just wish he was not so skinny!  I guess i could try making him fatter, :).  I also heard to try the shot at a 45 degree angle, instead of a 90 degree, so we are trying this also.

We get the swabs at our local walmart, but I couldn't find them on the walmart website. Here is a link to the manufacturers site.

Bought the Alcohol wipes w/ pain relief and ordered shorter needles today (had to wait until insurance would approve)...YES!  Less painful shots will be administered in the near future!