San Diego Comic Con

This has nothing to do with diabetes but is anyone going to the Comic Convention in San Diego next week.  Some of those days I'll be by myself because my friends couldn't get tickets and my other friend is part of a panel.  It would be cool to hang with a few diabetics.  We can help each other out and save spots in line. lol.

I WISH! i tried to get tickets but i was too late :(

have a good time! & let me if its worth it to buy tickets to the next one :)

I have been going since the 6th grade.  Hell yeah it is worth it.  I live for Comic Con.  Check out My buddy is on one of the panels so he got me a 4 day pass a few days ago.  He had a few left the other day but I don't know if he's run out.  Those things are going for $800.  Anyway, yes you should go.  It is one of the best experiences in my life.

I will definetly try and go to the next one :D Do you when they generally are? Also what stars do you see there? :)

It's always the last Wed-Sun of July.  Saturday is the best day to go because there is the masquerade ball.  It starts around 9pm and everyone dresses up.  It's hard to say what stars go because it depends on what's popular and what were the culture classics.  I seriously doubt ten years from now anyone is going to care about the movie Twilight.  People still love Star Wars.  Characters from the original Star Wars attend and sign autographs.  True Blood is big now so I assume their cast will be there and even host a panel.  Each year is different.  I depends on what's popular now and what will always be a hit.  There's something for everyone there.  I'm going to be hanging with the Machinima guys.  I have a friend that's on the panel.