Cali Campsss?

Are there any camps in Cali? Doesn't matter where and even if the camps are in Nevada or a state really close to CA that would work to...I just really want to go to one this summer or next...Thank you :D


I have been to a diabetes camp in San Jose, it is caleed Camp De Los Ninos, and it is a really good enviorment for kids like me. Most of the counselers and CITS have diabetes. ANd the camp counseler Cat has diabetes too!!

bearskin meadow is the best, I love it there. they have a 10 day long teen camp, and the kids are hella chill, and people from all over california go. It's near fresno-ish...

yeahh! i'm going to a camp in's on a cruise

i'm soo excited haha its basically the same thing as a normal diabetes camp but ur on a ship and go to ports and should be so much funn~

Thank you so much y'all! "D and all of these camps have websites yea?


and the bearskin meadow one...when are the dates for that?

I am going to Bearskin Meadow Camp for the 10 day teen camp. The dates are July 4- July 13.

 I am so excited. It will be my first time going to a diabetes camp!

ahh you are so lucky! I was going to do that one to but I am going with a youth group to do houseboats...darn. Have fun though! I have never been to a camp either but everyone who goes seems to love them!

Oh thanks! I hope you have fun too!


teen seshhh is july 28th-august 8th or july 28th to august 2nd orrr august 2nd to august 8th.

you can prettyyy much pick whichever combination you want, either one or the other or both like i do(:

do it!

plusssss, conrad-chinnock is wayy closer to long beach than that bearskin one in fresno-ishh hahah

HAHAHAHA i wish i could go this year :( but i cant...which blows and i tried to the winter one of conrad-chinnock and it was full so i was like great!! lol next year fer sure "D

Bearskin Meadow Camp is located in the Sequoia National Monument about 1.5 hours east of Fresno! We have programs of Kids, Teens and Families.   You can find out more by checking out our website at