RIP Rex :(

Rex is/was my insulin pump. Until tonight. I've had him for just over a year.

It's 1:30 in the morning; I'm sitting by the phone with my parents, waiting for a call back from the hospital. We've already talked with Minimed. But apparently, my pump has gone to Heaven... wasn't it bad enough to have my first pancreas quit on me, and now Rex?!

I'm tired, but I can't sleep. And we've got to run out to the store tonight for alcohol swabs, etc., as well. I don't have any Lantus in the house, so we're trying to figure out what doses of Novolog I need right now and how often. Something about switching unexpectedly back to shots makes me a little sad :(

I'm such a baby; I'm going to miss my first pump, ha ha. :P I ordered a different color this time, as you can't order a not-Rex, have it look like Rex, but it not be Rex. (yes, I've named it) This post is kind of rambly - probably thanks to being tired, and insulin-less. Also, this probably belongs on a blog post. But I'm lonely :( So, looking for company as I wait, ha ha. Maybe we can comiserate about lame pumps that die on you for no reason. There has to be a good story about that somewhere?

hahah i so sry

I am sorry for your loss. We should have a moment of silence...


So they've got me on shots every few hours until I can get a dose of Lantus. But we're trying to schedule that in accordance to school, as well as the new pump's arrival. However, I have to say that I do not miss injections. Last night was followed by a lovely blood sugar of 450 :P

Well, one way to look at it is maybe this could explain why you were having high blood sugars lately.

I had a pump quit on my once. I think something that works 24/7/365 and only quit one time in four years is pretty good for me.

I just hit the one-year mark with this in July :P Pretty wimpy, if you ask me.

But yes, that could very will explain all the weird blood sugars. Anyone know if I should expect ketones with pump-tosyringe-topump?

aww! poor alyssa and rex!

How did "Rex" die?  Is there anything on the display at all?  Just curious because I have a MedTronic pump too and want to know what the signs were.  What did the MiniMed folks say happened to him?

The pump didn't respond when buttons were pushed; at the beginning, it was hit and miss. We changed the battery just in case, but nothing would happen when the buttons were pushed.

They didn't say why this was happening, but obviously just that it shouldn't be.


I am sorry to hear about the recently departed Rex. It is never fun to watch the insulin giver go, I was really crushed when my pancreas ran away too. Hopefully, though you will be able to form a good bond with not-rex. It is going to be hard to bond at first what with your old attachments and such, but maybe Rex knew you were looking at other pumps and colors and he decided that you were meant for something better.

Have you given much thought to a new name for not-rex? I have some suggestions if you need them, and no it will not be Brian, Pat, or A-D. Maybe you can name your pump Rex Jr. or Wall-e or my favorite for the day Sugar Fix!

OK, Brian, that post totally just made my day :P Funny. Always funny.

I'm currently embarking on a Google extravaganza in search of a new name. Although I will take those into consideration as well :P

At least I am good for something.

One can only hope.

I was hoping for a little more encouragement out of you today, but sigh I guess I will just have to encourage myself today.

Yes, Brian, you're good for many somethings.

Rex the 2nd!

I'm sorry for you and Rex D: Whenever I need to name something Charles always comes to mind but it's not my favorite name.  Ulysses lol.  Anti-Lantus :)

Oh Alyssa.  My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time.  Please let us know what services are planned for the deceased.

Wow, I hope this is the explanation for your highs this weekend.  But what bad timing with school starting!!

I've had two die on me! Bobby Bob and Jean Bob both died within the first year I had them. I'm sure Rex, Bobby Bob and Jean Bob are all in pump heaven being best buds! :)

I am so sorry to hear about Rex!! I've been in your situation 3 times in the past 10 years that i've had the pump and 2 times with in the past year(Who knew that stinking your pump in your cleavage could cause it to self-destruct ?!!...LOL...litterally I'm not kidding...the 2nd time they finally figured out what was happening!)

But believe me...does going on lantus for 1-2 days make you realize how much you love your pump!!? Hope your pump comes in soon girlie!!!