Resource Ideas?

I am currently working on a symposium project having to do with a genetic disease for my biology class, and I chose T1 diabetes for my topic (of course!).

Anyway, one of my sources has to be a "real live" source, meaning I can get information from them via e-mail, phone, or an in-person interview. Does anyone have any ideas for where I can find a person to interview about T1? It would be best if I could contact them through e-mail. Is there a person I could contact through JDRF, or some other organization? I know I could always just talk to my endocrinologist, but I would rather talk to someone doing research.

If you have any ideas, or know of a person where I could get information from through e-mail, I would really appreciate the help. (=



Srinath Sanda, MD  This is a Dr. at the Benaroy Reasearch institute in Seattle, WA.  I listened to a talk he did about his reasearch on Type 1 diabetes immunology.  IT was amazing the information he had.  I highly recommend contacting him.  The institutes website is:


Thank you so much! I looked at the website and it looks like he would be a great person to contact. Thanks for the recommendation.


You can email JDRF at or I'm sure they could send you a name for an interview.