Volunteers Needed!

Hi everyone!
I’m involved in an advanced science research program at my high school in which each student picks a topic and does an in-depth project about it. I’ve chosen to do my project on T1D–more specifically, on the connection between salivary pH and blood glucose levels.
As part of my project, I’m hoping to find several volunteers who can participate (super easy, you just have to record some basic data and email it to me). If my hypothesis is correct, it could be important for the future of blood glucose testing. :slight_smile:
If you’re interested, please email me at abigaelparrish13@gmail.com so I can give you all the details! Thank you so much, your help is essential for making this project work.
–Abigael Parrish <3

Certainly Abigael, I’ll volunteer to supply information for your research project - I like creative thinking.

I hope many others also agree to provide information you need.

Hi Abigael! I’d be interested in doing this and I’d love to know the results. I’m huge on diabetes research and anything that might help me to stop testing is a plus!