Residential treatment programs for T1Ds

I’m looking for a residential treatment program (dual diagnosis: mental health + addiction) in the upper Midwest for my adolescent son with T1D. It’s proving near impossible to find a place that is a)taking clients despite a pandemic, b)able to support a diabetic, c)is in network. I’m not going to worry about the insurance part. Wondering more about the programs that can and will take diabetics.

Welcome to the group, Michelle. Have you tried the “Diabetes Help, On Call” on the JDRF website? It’s under “Resources” and the section on teens with T1D. You can type your question and identifying information, and someone will respond within 48 hours. And other members of our group may have suggestions as well. Goof luck with this. And thanks for trusting us.


After doing homework and contacting someone at JDRF, the only residential treatment center she knows about is Cumberland Hospital in New Kent, VA – not really the upper midwest, but they may know of someplace in your area. That website and a couple about finding mental health professionals are listed below.

Cumberland Hospital (with residential treatment):

How to find a mental health professional: How to Find a Mental Health Professional - JDRF

Mental health professional directory: Mental Health Professional Directory Listing | American Diabetes Association

Additional sites worth researching: has information for children through young adulthood. is located in Minneapolis. is in Philadelphia and offers consultation with diabetes educators telephonically.

I hope this helps. And of course, ask your teen’s doctor and the diabetes educator.

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When my mom was hospitalized several years ago (not diabetes) she had to go to a rehab facility for physical therapy. A hospital social worker provided us with a list of local options, and did the legwork for coordinating her admission.
In wondering if there may be a medical social worker who can help you navigate this? I had no idea such services were available until this particular hospitalization. I wish I had known about this earlier as we may have been able to get her assistance with other needs sooner than we did. Perhaps it’s not automatically offered, I don’t know - I thought I would suggest it since you may need to ask.