Psychologists who specialize in Type one diabetes

Hi All,

I’ve been struggling with depression for a while now and I used to see a psychologist that specialized in children with type one diabetes. I am now 24 and living in Delaware and was wondering if anyone in the Wilmington area had any success finding a psychologist who specializes in adults with type one diabetes? Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!

Hi Ellie,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having difficulties coping with diabetes - I know that over the years I’ve bee really “down” at times.

I don’t know of anyone in the Delaware region who may assist you, but I do have a couple of suggestions. Contact the person who had assisted you when you were younger and see if s/he could possibly offer a reference. If not, you could probably speak with some coordinators in your local JDRF Chapter or in the American Diabetes Association for lists of trained professionals.

Whatever you do, please don’t do what I did in the 1950’s and 1960’s and go into complete denial and failed to care for my physical self - I’m paying that cost now. Let’s keep talking and let us know if you find someone who can help you through these times.

I’ve also found it very difficult to find a therapist, counselor who specializes working with adult t1d’s. I don’t live in the same area as you. I live in the southeastern US. But, I’d like to find these specialist because I struggle coping also. I have had t1d just shy of 32 years. It sucks!!!

See a Psychiatrist to find the cause of depression, not a psychologist. See one who specializes in those with chronic diseases. Many such people get depression. It may well be a clinical problem, not just situational.