Recent dexcom problems (Software?)

We have a problem now where decom never registers a new sensor. We do enter a 4 digit calibration code then during a warm up it wants us to calibrate or says sensor is expired. We think it is software bug, dexcom support is useless. Tried 8 sensors already!

I don’t know if I need to updated to IOS15.1.1 but does loop work with IOS 15? Thanks

I think some people enter their 4 digit code using the app but I do it manually on my pump. I have the Dexcom app but don’t typically use it - but I’m also on IOS 15 and it seems to be working fine.
I hope Tandem is sending you replacement sensors. I believe they recommend waiting 15 minutes before starting a new sensor to keep the system from getting confused, in case that applies.
Keep us posted - I hope you figure things out fast!

Greg @dv2000 , keep in mind that a phone, any model, is not a principal receiver, but rather is considered secondary.
I suggest that you use either a dedicated Dexcom receiver or other designated primary receiver when starting a new sensor, and let the phone catch up a few minutes later. Another option if you haven’t already tried, is to go on to the apple store and update the defective apple app or, uninstall the phone app and reinstall. I don’t use Apple, but just yesterday I was at a JDRF meeting with people who were using the apple phone app without complaint.

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hi @dv2000 I use my phone as the primary receiver and it has worked, flawlessly, for me from just before IOS15 to current (15.1)

I’d delete the app and restart the phone, reload the app and see if it helps. If you have the dex receiver that might be proof if it works with the receiver.

Also, I have a question… I may not be seeing what you circled looks like a sensor was registered at midnight and should be good for 10 days (12/7 to 12/17). phones also do very weird things if the time isn’t correct, are you set to “Set Automatically”? good luck.

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Hi - I had another thought which may be way off, but since this is a recent problem it may be some new addition to your regimen is interfering. Have you started using any new meds or supplements? Even herbal treatments can interfere with some medications can affect some meds, and acetaminophen was contraindicated for the G4/G5 so while the idea is far-fetched you never know - you may have stumbled across something. It could even be a skin care product that’s the culprit.
Hopefully the idea above about refreshing your app solves the problem but I thought I would throw the idea into the ring, just in case.

I believe the 15 minute break is only needed if you stopped the previous sensor, if the sensor expired , timed out, normally, (VERY RARE FOR ME!!) youj ust replace it. Bob Osthues T1D 66 yrs

Thanks @RobertOsthues . It only takes me a couple of minutes to get a new sensor started and I don’t think it’s been a problem for me either. Just thought I would clutch at that particular straw just in case.
66 years - impressive! I’m just short of 60 myself. Did you get your

I did not even get recognized by my Endo, it is just way too common, now, in no small part due to JDRF! After I was diagnosed I was told I had 25 years to live and would die blind, We did not have meters, or Lantus, never mind monitors!!

Even so, Joslin does acknowledge and the medal I got was very nice. My doctor took my word for my number of years, but as a backup I had my cousin write some recollections from my childhood. The recognition is still nice even if our longevity is more common.
Home meters came out about the time I finished college. I was in my mid 30s when I got my first pump (a Minimed). I didn’t get a CGM until some years later, when I was starting to have signs of hypoglycemic unawareness (insurance required medical necessity at the time).

Good morning,

Just to chime in. I was 11 years old when I was diagnosed. I remember my mother taking me to a diabetic meeting and almost everyone there had extreme complications. It was drilled into me to watch my heart, kidneys, feet, and eyes. I have to say I took that advice. I have not had a heart attack, I go to my podiatrist every 3 months, and my opthalmologist every 6 like clockwork. I didn’t think I would make 40. I just had my 60th birthday in September…
In reading all the posts on here from long timers has given me hope I have many years to go.

Thank you for the inspiration. Stewart


Thank you all!
All the sudden the 9th sensor came back. I wonder if data delays we related to Amazon outage yesterday

I have heard that a 10 minute wait between sensors helps a lot