Dexcom Sensor Failures

So for about the past month or two, every single sensor I have put on has failed by day 7 or 8. At first I thought it might be my transmitter, but then I changed to a new one and it’s still happening. Then I thought it might be because I started using my upper thighs instead of my arms, so I tried on my stomach since it’s the “approved” spot and it still failed on day 7.
I also noticed that about 4 of my sensors all have the same sensor number and I’m not sure if this is normal? I had thought they were typically all different sensor numbers when they come together. Has anyone else been experiencing problems with dexcom?? I’m starting to get extremely frustrated.

I think you may have a bad batch. Save the blister pell off labels with the lot numbers etc until you change the sensor. If a sensor fails, call DexCom with the lot info. If it lasts less than the 240 hours (24 hr/day times 10 days) report it.

If at all possible do not use two sensors with the same 4 digit code one after the other without waiting 15 minutes between ending one & starting the next one. Computers, ugh.

I have experienced the same exact thing.

Whenever it fails before 10 days I call and get a new one. I have not had to have my prescription re filled in quite a while because almost all of the sensors fail before 10 days and they send me a new one.

The last time I called I asked if this is a common problem. The person told me they are aware of it and are working on it. He said he thinks it has to do with the sensor filament or whatever it’s called (the tube under your skin) can sometimes move around which causes the problems.

I think the only thing we can do it is to report each failure and get a new one sent to you.

I am working with my doctor now to switch to FreeStyle. No alarms, but for me, reliability is more important.

Same with me, 7 days is my normal. In 7 months of g6 I’ve only had 2 or 3 ever last 10 days. Even those will stop and re-start with the “—” alarm, on my x2 pump, instructing if it doesn’t start back in 3 hours to phone tech support. Because I use Tandem Control IQ Dexcom transfers my call to Tandem who sends the replacements. I now always call Tandem for replacement to avoid Dexcoms horrible hold times. Tandem tech told me it’s common with thin body type and not enough fat layer which gets the fillament too close to muscle and it moves around too much. They suggested use the Dexcom “overpatch” too help stabilize the sensor. Dexcom sends them at no cost and that does seem to help a little. I asked about using it in my thigh and was told they can’t recomend that because it’s not FDA approved but they know some people try that. Ive just accepted I need 4 sensors per month. I don’t report every failure because early on I reported the failure and told them not to send a replcement because I was still getting 7-8 day average and had a couple spares. I was told they will still send replacement because they’re “supposed to last 10”.

I use the Dexcom sensor in my thigh and have had pretty good results. I’m thin and have had surgery on abdomen, so have to save that small available area for the infusion set. At one point a rep said that I need to put the pump and the sensor on the same side of my body! I DO have some failures before day 10, call, and they send a new sensor. And I’m still confused about whom to call for which problem!

The sensor has also failed on insertion because I couldn’t get the applicator off. I read that if you tap it sharply with something like a serving spoon, it releases. I think Dexcom is still working out glitches.