Receive vaccine as a caregiver?

Has anyone tried to get the vaccine as a caregiver for someone with T1D? In CA, informal caregivers (parents, children) of people with disabilities can receive the vaccine. The listed disabilities are Down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and then it gets vague and says “ individuals who have specialized health care needs, including dependence upon ventilators, oxygen, and other technology are eligible”.

Obviously, I’d like to get the vaccine to protect my 13 year old with T1D but am unsure if my husband and I would qualify. We are basically in the last phase to receive the vaccine based on our age and health. Our daughter is too young to receive it, even if the CDC decides that people with T1D should receive the vaccine when type 2 diabetics can (which they should!).

We aren’t trying to jump the line, just want to protect our kid.

I am no expert about this topic. However I have read that some caregivers are allowed to receive the vaccine. I think that you should get in contact with your nearest health department or get in contact with businesses who are offering the vaccine. I am sure they will be able to help you and answer your question. I think that this might vary by state. As I said, I am not very knowledgeable about this topic but just thought I’d share my thoughts with you. Good luck :+1:t2: :sparkles:

I live in PA and this isn’t a consideration. Because I and my husband care for patients, we were able to get the vaccine. Our daughter, T1D, is on the waiting list. We have no idea when she will get it,.

I believe this is different state to state. PA is doing this (we got a note from my 15 yo daughter’s endo in PA) but only for PA residents. Unfortunately we now live in MD and they aren’t doing it, so we are out of luck. Best is probably to talk to your endo.

I’m in Georgia and listed myself and my 17 y/o daughter with T1D as caregivers to my 84 y/o mom. I got my 2nd on Monday and daughter got her 1st last Thursday. It is different by state I know but we have to hope and pray T1D will be deemed eligible soon! Ridiculous that is not already the case!

Best of luck ~ take care.

Hi Alison

We live in New Mexico and we were able to get one person vaccinated as a primary caregiver for our T1D son. My son’s endocrinologist called us. Normally in NM the Department of Health handles to vaccine distribution. However some physicians have the ability and this is how we got a vaccine as a T1D caregiver.

I don’t know if this helps or not but here to help or just communicate otherwise! My son is 14 and diagnosed 3 years ago.

I live in minnesota. T1Ds just became eligible last week and I got my first dose this week. My sister who is a healthy 20 something with no underlying conditions got vaccinated on the same day by calling her clinic and explaining she was surrounded by high risk people (everyone in my family but her has a condition that makes them higher risk). She was added to a wait list where basically if someone doesn’t show up they call you and ask you to take the appointment. She got her first dose the same day I did. Worth calling your clinic and asking if they have something like that if you’re not eligible?

I wanted to give an update for my original post. After I posted, we saw my daughter’s endo who wrote a letter stating that my husband and I are caregivers. With letter in hand, we made an appointment through the CVS website as healthcare workers (there was no caregiver choice). We brought our letter the day of our appointment but they did not ask to see it nor did they ask any questions about being a health care worker. My husband I received our first dose of the Moderna vaccine 2 weeks ago. I am looking forward to the day my almost 14 year old daughter can get the vaccine. Those with T1D are allowed to get the vaccine in San Diego county but I know not all counties in CA are allowing them too (priority is given to type 2). I would recommend parents with a child with T1D try to get the vaccine, especially through CVS since it was very easy (check for appointment times early in the morning). We need to protect our kiddos who can’t get protected themselves.