Required Education for Parents & Caregivers

Hello! I am a relatively new Stepmom with a few questions. My stepdaughter is almost 5 years old and has been diagnosed for over 2.5 years. She has an Omnipod Pump and has a Dexcom receiver, and she currently lives full time with her Mother. Her Stepdad and I have yet to be able to have/care for her without her Mother there as well (her requirement).
I was just wondering if there is any required or standard education that an adult needs to take care of a child with T1D? Her Father and I have both taken a few classes, basically an Introduction to T1D, Carb Counting and Correction Factors, and various online videos about the pump and CGM. One of my dearest friends and my stepbrother have T1D, therefore I am not ignorant to the implications of having this disease, but I am always willing to learn more and be as prepared as I can be.
Any suggestions or resources that will help us be even more prepared when/if she is allowed to spend time with her Father and I?
Thanks in advance!

Most parents just learn as they go along with trial and error–I’d say you’re already ahead of the game. If you’re really interested, look for a book entitled “Think like a Pancreas”.

I actually just started reading that last night after seeing a suggestion on another thread. I’m only on Chapter 3, but it’s great so far.

Hi I just want to quickly reach out and say how wonderful I think you are to be so interested in learning as much as you can to be able to care for your step daughter. If I was the mom I would be very pleased knowing this. My suggestion would be to reach out to Mom and ask her what more she would suggest - any mom’s heart is warmed by someone wanting to love and care for their precious child in a most responsible way.

I am in situation sorta close to yours – joint custody but mother control freak and we get everyother wkend…We went to JDRF seminars and learned a lot from them in support table talks also got hooked up thru the website with a coffee meeting support group of other T1d and parents of. Then for stress I use one nation to scream and get it out and also get answers – there are some great people that do and will give you good info – one that come to mind is a Dennis, he T1D basically whole life, but the best to learn more information is send JDRF an inquiry of meetings in area and go to an event – a walk/fair/etc. they will send you into directions that will help, also if has a pump if under his insurance then talk to rep. they usually very helpful (we set up a meeting - without the mother) so we could know the truth of it and all the in and outs…the mom never told us got it until after fact.