REAL late type 1 onset

How many other late onset type 1's other than Ksum and I are on this site, after the age of 40?

How long hs your "honeymoon period lasted?

for me my honeymoon lasted 1 year after diagnosis. i was 42 when dx'ed but the nurse practicioner thought i had type 2 and put me on pills. everything was fine until October of 2008 when I got a bad backache and my legs began to get weak and eventually got paralyzed. then we went to the hospital and got a cleared dx of type 1 diabetes.

Is 52 late onset???  LOL "Honeymoon"  Maybe  I was dx'ed in ICU, DKA. The weird thing on the honeymoon thing. I was dx'ed Aug/08. Now at little less than 3 years, my body for what ever reason has decided, that it just doesn't need insulin. Freaks me out and I test a billion times more. The VA Dr. not sure either, sooo they put me in for Agent Orange and I got a C-pep test. We'll see??? Oh, what I mean by no insulin is if I eat carefully I get the accepted bs of less than 180 after an hour. This really isn't good enough for me, so with just a little Novolog before eating I can get really normal(?) bs or if I pig out. Don't get me wrong I am Diabetic!!!! I ate a half a box of candy without thinking and boom my bs was 285. Funny thing in the morning when I woke up I was 100.      

I was diagnosed when I was 34.  My honeymoon period was less than 6 months.

type 1 dx: 12/1/1995

A1C March 2011:  6.4%

I was misdiagnosed as Type 2 about 17 years ago, my blood sugars and A1c kept climbing as did the amount of medication I was taking.  I FINALLy went to an Endocrinologist in June, and after some blood tests, we discovered that I am really Type 1.  Don't know about the honeymoon period.

I was diagnosed with type 1 a month ago and I'm 43 years old.

At first my physician thought I was type 2 because of my age, but when the blood work came back she called me and said I was type 1. I've always been a lean person and I've lost 25 pounds in the last month so I am as skinny as I was in high school now and I'm trying to eat more calories while controlling my blood sugar and boy has it been challenging. I can have like a 12 ounce steak for instance with other low carb food and I'm hungry like an hour later. I've been having around 50 -70 carbs and my blood sugar the last 2 weeks has been pretty darn good. My doctor doesn't want me to snack between meals because she's trying to find out the ratio to carb so we can figure out how much insulin I need for how many carbs I eat. I'm hoping we find this out quick so I can snack when I'm hungry. Anybody else hungry like me all the time?

The hunger will seem to be unbearable for the next few weeks/months, but it will pass.  I was diagnosed 6 months ago at age 42, I have now lost about 50 pounds, and gone down 4 inches at my waist.  I am currently being treated as a type 2 because my Pancreas is still producing enough Insulin to keep my numbers good.  I have reduced my A1c numbers from an original 10.7 to a 5.2 in just 5.5 months.  I am down to 25 to 45 carbs at a meal and only snack if my bs number is low.  I am going ask about going on Insulin at my next Endo appointment, there is a study out of Japan that says the remaining Islet cells can be perserved longer on Insulin than they would be on Metformin etc,  The first two months was the toughest, so you are halfway there, just stay diligent and you will make it.

Wow, amazing to see others out there with stories more similar to mine!  Diagnosed at 38, about 8 months ago.  I guess I'm in the honeymoon stage.  

Good to hear from you Stacy,  I am glad that we can share expieriences and compare notes.  Seems to make it a little easier.

Hi Brian,

I got diagnosed last August at the age of 33 and am still in my honeymoon phase. I know exactly what you mean about being hungry all the time. It's amazing how fixated with food we can become when we have to watch it all the time. I wanted to snack all the time but this has passed. I eat 3 good meals a day and do snack if i need to but nothing like i wanted to 9 months ago! Good luck with the carb counting........i count carbs too which works for me.

Hope it's all going well

Well, I was diagnosed as type 1 last October.  I had been treated as type2 for about 17-20 years.  The problem was that I had to take increasingly higher doses of both insulins, and yet my A1c's kept climbing as well.  Finally went to an endocrinologist, diagnosed ad a type 1 and am now on pump.  Couldn't be doing better.  Last  A1c  was 5.9!  I am now 55 years old!

WOW just got my results form my endo HDL is great, my triglycerides sux (189), my LDL is not great and my A1c is up to 6.9%. Now I am showing to have insulin resistance! My doc is changing my insulin dosage and tells me to lay off the fat. Just an update.....

I've had type 1 for 44 years. No one else in the family has diabetes.  Reading about you all being diagnosed so late in life concerns me. I thought my 31 was safe...

Opps, I thought my 31 year old son was safe...

I was diagnosed atr age 23, but i had it since birth, my parentes either didn't have time to get me checked out, or didn't care? I am still on a honeymoon period at age 50, it comes up now and then to bite me.

I was diagnosed at age 36 in 2004. My 'honeymoon period' lasted about 5 years. Originally I was diagnosed with Type 2, then in late 2008/early 2009 found out I was Type 1 after going through a year of HELL in 2008 where I had uncontrollable high BS's, was barely being able to sleep, barely able to function at work, etc. My doctor eventually 'fired' me because I forgot to make 2 appointments in a row even though I made them only a few days prior. He blamed me for not taking care of my diabetes and said he couldn't work with me because I wasn't listening to him and I was missing appointments. Neither he nor my previous doctor (we moved in 2006) bothered to check for GAD antibodies even though I was clearly not overweight like most Type 2's and I had actually lost almost 40 pounds since being diagnosed.

Wow Daron,  I must give God the glory for my diagnosis,  I was not overweight and had no recent history of high blood sugar, I get checked every year at my employer's health fair, always perfect blood sugar numbers,  the checkup that was 6 months earlier than my diagnosis was only slightly high, but not high enough for them to send me to the Doc for a check see.  Then within 6 months my A1c was 10.7 my blood sugar was 500+ and I had the blurry veision constant hunger and unexplained weight loss etc.  My family physician was worried enough she sent me to a Endocronologist, and he stated "well your type 2 keep taking the Metformin and we'll see you back in three months".  If my wife hadn't come with me, she is an RN, and she hadn't pressed the Endo to do the antibodies test I would be believing now that I am cured.  My last two A1c's were 5.2 and 5.8 and my sugars are almost always perfect, only two in the last two months over 140, one was a homemade carrot cake for my birthday that the aforementioned smokin' hot RN made me:).  I am glad that we found out early about the Type 1 diagnosis because I can be mentally prepared for the inevitable and not wonder why if I am eating the same way and excercising the same why my sugars are getting out of control.  I also am glad that with the Endo knowing the Type 1 know he can do preventive medicine's that will hopefully help to maintain the remaining Beta cells in my Pancreas.  I have now lost 50 pounds and am back in the shape I was when I was racing Mountain bikes competitively. Which was before I started feeling lousy all the time, which I thought was from the sleep apnea I was diagnosed with at age 40,  which by the way has disapeared since I have lost all the weight.  I am now just 135 pounds at 5'9" and feel great, but I am not looking forward to evrything going south again, I hope my Honeymoon lasts five years or more  as well.  


Michael: You are very, very blessed indeed. Hopefully the new drugs will help your beta cells to last a long, long time. It sounds like you went through what I went through but in a much shorter time frame. At the same time as my condition was degrading, I had high stress at work and I think the combination of everything I was going though made it harder to see the possibility of my condition being Type 1 because stress can cause an increase in blood sugars also.

What do you mean "honeymoon"? I was diagnosed at 23- lost about 30 pounds in 3 weeks......wasn't able to function at work, and got taken to the ER on Christmas eve. When they checke my bs it was in the 700s. It was in the 900s before it started coming down.......That was 12 years ago........I fell off the wagon a few years back, my A1Cs are 10+ now.......Met with my Endo for the first time in over 3 years today.......just gonna start with the basics and work my way into health

diagnosed a year ago at 46-honeymoon over now-my sugars are still really erratic-5g of carbs can bump me up quickly and I use a kid's pen because an extra half unit can make me go very low...going bionic with a pump at the end of the month to see if i can get better control...