OK im prolly gonna sound stupid but my endo was not very good when i was diagnosed and the more i am on juvenation i hear about a honeymoon and i have no clue what that is... ive had diabetes for 5 years and have no clue.. someone please inform me haha

If  I'm right, it is the period when your pancreas is still producing some insulin,  Thus, many Type I's do not need as much insulin,  The honeymoon phase is thought to last anywhere between 2 months and 2 years after diagnoses.  It kind of is the calm before the storm.



Hey Amber,

The honeymoon period is what they call the period at the onset of T1D where the body is still somewhat producing insulin. Basically the pancreas hasn't totally shut down yet but is on the way out. My endo tells me it lasts on average 6 months, however I have heard it lasting a lot longer (years) and also much shorter, so it is very individual. You need less insulin whilst the pancreas is still working but it can be unpredictable and kick in or out and then you end up high or low. Some sports professionals I have chatted to who have T1D recon it is better once it is over and less random.

I was diagnosed in July this year and it looks as if I am just coming out of the honeymoon period.


Okkkk! Thanks. i feel really stupid but it all makes sense now... i think my doctor refered to it with a different name

Don't feel stupid, I have no idea what half the things relating to diabetes are! I think there will always be something new to learn about it.