RE: Medtronic Paradigm pump

Hi..does anyone have problems with the medtronic paradigm pump? I am getting a lot of no deliveries and I am finding after changing a set that the pump is not working and the pump is not giving me an alarm. This is leading to a lot of high blood sugars. We are using the Sure T set. Anyone have any suggestions?




I have the Paradigm and so does my daughter. I have found that once in a great while I get that and it is usually because I have it inserted in a part of my body that is a bit fatter than others. The fat under the skin puts pressure on the canula and causes the no delivery. I had the same issue with my daughter and had to switch to the Silhouette's instead. she was just too skinny for anything else and the canula was always pushing against her muscles or fat or something to cause the no delivery. I would call Minimed and see what they suggest. They will send you a sample ot two of other canula's for you to see which one works best. since we switched we have never had an issue. good luck!

My son is also on the Medtronic pump. The people on the help phone line were great at troubleshooting, and tips . We had luck with the 3rd site we tried, the Quick set, and we use the little quickserter to insert. We tried the Sure T first, and that did not work at all for him. I would not hesitate to call them and they will send you other sites and easily exchange the ones you have. I have done that several times, with no hassle at all, and it's worth it when you finally get what will work for you. (ps I LOVE the quickserter as there is no guessing, it does it for you, and does not hurt him at all!) Good luck!,

If you are feeling like the pump or sites are not working and not giving you alarms you need to call and get a replacement pump.  I have put up with weird things with a pump once and come to find out it was not working properly and should have replaced it 6 months earlier. Call the support line and talk to them.  You can also be having blood getting into the sites and clotting off, changing the type of site might work too. With the quick set's I had to change to 9mm from 6mm all the sudden cause I was getting a lot of no deliveries and bleeding sites on my son one month.  I have also changed boxes once when I had site after site change that didn't seem to be working. Hope this helps.


My 5 year old daughter uses the Silhouette set and never experienced an alarm.. since Dec 08

  1. Change the battery.
  2. Run a "Self Test" under the utilities options.
  3. Lastly, but most importantly, call the minimed help line, it is on the back of your pump. 1-800-MiniMed (1-800-646-4633)

Hurry and switch back to shots until you, minimed, and your doctor figure this out.

Keep in mind all electronics have the potential to break. I have had to have new pumps sent to me because of jarrings to the pump as well as electrostatic discharge, it happens.