Does anyone Quick set inserter problem?

I am having problem with the inserter.  It will not insert all the way in.  I called medtronic about it and they are going to replace it for the second time in less than month.  They told me that they are working on new device.   

I had a problem of mine bending / not going in all the way, after I lost a lot of weight and my skin was not as tight. They ultimately put me on "Sure-T Paradigm" MMT 866. This has fixed the problem. It was driving myself and my doc crazy, got to the point of taking me off of my pump. Ended up meeting with a MM rep who showed me several options.The Sure-T is metal so it can't bend. Just an idea and a little bit about my experience.

What length of canula are you using? Maybe it is too long for your amount of body fat. We were using 9mm, and switched to 6mm. I admit, it took a while to get use to using the release buttons.

Yeah I did that too, currently do 6mm. Mine kept bending right at 5mm. We'll sounds like it is going better for you.

I occasionally have this problem and have found that it is caused by glue  from the quick sets building up on the inserter I manage the issue by cleaning the inserter with some surgical spirit although it does still catch me out from time to time.

I have had similar problems with sets bending and my DSN suggested that I keep the set that I am going to use next in the fridge wherever possible and have not had any problems with sets that have been in the fridge!!!


I have two inserters and one of them sometimes it wont release the site and needle after you try and insert it. Since i have two i never called minimed and its only done it a few times so i didnt really worry about it.

I've had this, too; it's frustrating, but easily sorted.  I was advised to do it periodically.