Question for anyone who's been a counselor or staff at Camp Sweeney

I'm going in Tuesday to interview to be a counselor at Sweeney this summer.

I've never been to Camp Sweeney and honestly don't know anything about it.  They asked me to come in for an interview, but I have no idea what they ask or what to expect at the interview.

I'm driving to TX from out of state so I don't want to go in completely unprepared.  So I was hoping someone might be able to give me some insight into what they might ask, and how the hiring/interview process works.

ANY bit of info would be helpful!

Bumping this for the small chance that someone might notice...

I haven't ever been to camp sweeney to "work" but attended as a camper for many years. I've talked to them before about working, just haven't been able to since my work schedule doesn't allow me to take off that much time....Basically, they asked me about school...what I wanted to get my degree in and why along with my GPA. Any volunteer experience was asked as well. Basically, if you know about diabetes and want to be involved in a good thing, your set!

Thank you so much!

Seriously, even that little bit gives me a bit more comfort.  I'm in the same boat with work...I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to get off for 3 weeks, but I at least want to interview and possibly get a spot just in case I can get that kind of leave.

Do you know Skip?  Do you know what kind of guy he is?

I'm not sure if they'll hire you for only 3 weeks. As a a former camper I know that all counselors usually stay for the whole 10 weeks. However, medstaffers(med students) are usually ony there for 3 weeks. Skip is a really great guy, very easy to talk to.  Good luck!

That's good to know.  See the tough thing has been trying to get answers from the staff through email considering the fact that I've never been involved in Sweeney and know hardly a thing about it.  I've pretty much gotten nothing other than "send us a resume, come in for an interview" other details.

Hopefully it's not a complete waste of time driving 2 hours.  I really would like to get involved with Sweeney if possible.  I'll find out one way or the other tomorrow.