Question about insulin requirements during menstrual cycle


I was taking birth control before I was diagnosed with diabetes many years ago and now that I am no longer taking the pill, I am trying to contorl my blood sugars during my menstrual cycles and hormone fluctuations. I have noticed that my insulin requirements increase in the middle of the month due to estrogen peaking and then decreases towards the end of the month right before my period starts. Does anyone else notice this and how do you deal with it?

I'm the exact opposite. The week before I menstruate I need to raise my basal rate my 20% (even on the pill.)

Because I am on the pump I just have a second basal rate pattern that I start when the right day of the month comes. It has really helped level my sugars and my emotions out. My doc always just told me that if my insulin needs are higher at that time, then I need more insulin=) simple but true. Exercise also helps keep everything in order and lowers the basal rate that I'll need during that time of month.

Hey Stilled, yeah when I was on the pill, I also had 2 basal patterns. One for when I was on the pill (not during my period) which was set to higher insulin doses, and one that was for when I had my period (which was lower). The problem that I am now having is that every month I need a completely different basal slightly (just slightly different from the last month). It was so much easier being on the pill.

I'm more similiar to Stilledlife.  I become very insulin resistant the week before my period.  Then a day or two into it I get very sensitive.  There's two weeks within the month that I'm pretty resistant.  I use 3 different basal rates all together.  They don't vary too much but during the week I'm super sensitive I also increase my insulin/carb ratio.  The problem is trying to figure out exactly when to switch over to the different basal rate. 

I just received my CGM last month and having it makes adjusting my insulin requirements during the month sooooooooo much easier!!!

Ok, this post helps.  I have noticed that my bloodsugars drop relatively dramatically near the beginning of my period, and then go up towards the middle of the month.  I asked a nurse at my endo's office about this, and she said that she had never heard of it.  I'm glad I'm not imagining things.  :-)

I am so glad I joined this group!  I wanted to ask questions about menstruation but of course did not want to embarrass all the men or kids!!!  I was diagnosed 4months ago at the age of 32!  So needless to say this is all very confusing, I have always had female problems so I wasn't sure if it was the D or just wierd me!  Anyone have problems with getting sick, (vomiting, extreme nausea) during their cycle??  I don't even know which Dr I should see,  OBGYN?  Family physician or endo??  And will they think I'm crazy to think this is all linked??

[quote user="Bobbi"]Anyone have problems with getting sick, (vomiting, extreme nausea) during their cycle??[/quote]

Of course I don't really know what i"m talking about, but to me this sounds more like menstrual problems than D related problems.  Obviously, some women have worse cramps/nausea during their periods than others.  My mom (who is not diabetic) got sick and vomited almost every month from her period until she got pregnant (thankfully I did not inherit that!).  I have bad cramps sometimes, but it doesn't appear to be D related....though I guess if it were I wouldn't know, since I have been diabetic since I was 10. 

I think you should talk to your obgyn about it.

Brianna, thanks for the input. I actually just made appts with a couple of Dr's.  I will get this figured out someday!!  ; )