Ovulation and low bs

Hello! I’m looking to hear from other T1 ladies who may have issues with this and tips. The week before my period and on my period my sugars are quite resistant to insulin which I know is par for the course and know how to handle. One thing I’m really noticing is when I am in the week before PMS week, and I’m ovulating (bought ovulation tests to confirm) my sugars become extremely erratic. I’ve tried running temp basal of 20% decrease and adjusting IC ratios. Just curious if anyone else has run into a similar issue and how far they’ve adjusted their basal insulin down. Thanks so much for the help!

Hi @Tee25 . I was looking through topics and see you hadn’t gotten any responses to your question. All I can suggest is - like so many things diabetes related, you’ll have to go through trial and error to see what works(:persevere:) best for you: you started at 20% so tweak from there, and once you find it you could set a special profile to cover those days.
All the best finding what works for you.

Thank you so much! Hopefully next time I get closer!

I just made a new topic sort of similar to this one! I’m insulin resistant starting at ovulation, and i sort of suspect it has to do with the increase in estrogen, but i stay insulin resistant up until my period starts, at which point everything goes back to normal… my female endo suggested i increase my basal to address the insulin resistance in these times, and I’m experimenting with that. I think it might help? I actually saw a male endo who told me he had never heard of such a phenomenon… seriously. Anyway, it’s interesting to see that you are decreasing yours? I dont have any idea how to address this. It’s so frustrating. Exercise doesnt even help.