Pumps and water

I've been doing mdi all my life and am looking into getting a pump. Right now the one touch ping is the only one that is completely waterproof. Does anyone know if there is a reliable case to protect pumps from water when swimming? Not just splash resistant and safe for surface swimming?

Any input would be greatly appreciated

I work at a health club as an aquatic physical therapist and although I disconnect for 2 hours at a time, the activity keeps my sugars pretty much in check.  I have to get out of the pool for like 5 minutes every half hour for the cgm to reconnect/transmit and update my numbers.  It is nice not having to get out to test blood sugar...blood and pools don't mix well!  When I get out of the pool when I'm done, I fingerstick and depending on the number, give an extra unit or two to cover the basal I missed while in the pool.   I have the Medtronic paradigm 522 and cgm (which I completely cover with bioclusive dressings).  I wouldn't trust the box/case that you could buy to go with it...I'm in the pool too much that the odds would be against me that it would fail sometime.  My pump is too precious for that risk.  I guess the question is how much are you in water and is it necessary to take it in the water with you?

The Omnipod is also water proof - because it is tubeless. However the meter/pdm is not.

Our son is 5 and uses the Ping. We always disconnect for swimming because he tends to go low anyway. But he gets 'accidentally' wet from time to time and it is nice not to worry about that with the Ping.

I read up on the omnipod and it says on their site that it is water tight up to an hour. Is that wrong? Or is the manufacturer just being cautious?

When I go on vacation or to the pool I am in the water for a long time and don't want to worry about it being wet or taking it off. I'm sure I will use less insulin due to the exercise I would get from swimming; but I have the feeling I will still need some. I am just trying to keep my  options open, so I'm not stuck with just the ping,

I use a Minimed, which is not waterproof.  Whenever I swim laps or am in the ocean I disconnect, which helps even out blood sugars from the exercise.  It's not a big deal.