OmniPod or Ping?

Hey everyone!  I've had diabetes for 11 years and right now I take about 6 injections a day.  I'm ready to go back on a pump and I'm trying to decide between the OmniPod and the Animus Ping.  I started wearing a trial OmniPod to see how it feels on (weight, size, etc) and I love it but I'm worried about it showing under my clothes.  I'm 22 and a female so most of the clothes I wear are very form fitting and I'm concerned that being able to see it on my abs etc might get annoying.  What are your experiences with this?  Also, I'm an avid swimmer and runner and would love to hear other people's experiences with exercise and the OmniPod versus the Ping.  Any info you have would be great-this is such a tough decision!

i have the medtronic mini med paradigm pump so i couldnt tell you about the omnipod or the ping but i love my mini med. and as far as seeing your injection site under your can barely see it and wen you can its hardly noticeable. i wear alot of form fitting clothes and it doesnt bother me and no one rly notices. and as far as seeing the pump itself you get used to it being in your pocket, its like a cell fone and after a while its kinda cool. its your best friend for life! [: i hope i helped and im sorry that i couldnt give you any info on the omnipod or the ping.. ive never tried them or seen them! my doctor gave me the mini med because it came with the sensor but i ended up not getting it so yeah. [:


- Katelyn <3


those are the exact pumps i am between too! im not sure which one i want to go with. i also sampled the omnipod as well. i loved how small and wireless it was but im also not sure about clothes as well--im 17 so i know how you feel.

I can't really tell you anything about either pumps but I know my uncle has a ping. I know this is probably gonna sound weird but he wears a gaurder on his leg that is especially made for diabetics. You could try that maybe. I just wear my pump on the side of my pants. It doesn't really bother me if people see it.


I've had the same debate, but I decided to go with Animas, mostly because they support Mac. 11 weeks until I get to start on it! I have my first pump class tomorrow, actually! I am so excited.


There's a good comparison of features here:

Good luck!

I have been using my Ping for about three weeks now. I am really happy with it. I have yet to go swimming with it due to my schedule, however I do run with it everyday or almost everyday. To tell you the truth I tend to forget that it is even there. It is usually very easy to attach wherever I want, the belt clip is not likely to come loose or anything like that. Not to mention the temp basals and everything make adjusting easily. I have yet to run into any major issues with the infusions sets trying to run away on me due to sweat or anything like that. But it has been great so far.

i just know  the omnipod is  tubeless  easy and silmpe