Pumps an bathing suits

Hi! So I've had diabetes for about 6 years and I've always used insulin shots. I've been seriously considering getting a pump lately. I was just wondering how that works during bathing suit season. I'm a lifeguard and so my job requires me to be in a bathing suit and in the water year-round. Is that something that would interfere with a pump?

I started pumping about six months before the summer months, back in November 2008.  I had the same question as you!  I used my new pump as a reason to go bathing suit shopping!  Until last year, I always wore one-piece suits.  I bought a tankini, so that I would be able to clip my pump onto the bottoms.  I've since come to realize that even with a one-piece, I could have found spots to clip my pump:  in the cleavage area, under the arm, etc.

The important part for you is to get one that is waterproof.  I have the Animas 2020, the last one out before the One Touch Ping.  The pump itself is basically the same, with the Ping just having the added meter/remote.  The pump is waterproof for up to 24 hours, to a depth of 12 feet.  The first time I took it into the water with me was a little strange (think of swimming with your cell phone attached to you!), but it is so nice to not have to worry about removing it.

Hey Lindsay,

I've had the pump for 11 years and I'm a beach bum. Theres a few different ways to approach it:

1. As a lifeguard, since you don't always have to be in the water (just may have to jump in it every now and then) you can look into pumps that are waterpoof up to a certain depth. There are several out there that are. Then if you just have a pair of shorts on or something you can clip the pump to them. I'm to the point where I don't really care so even if I'm in a bikini, I'll just clip it onto the side and tuck in the tubing. Most people think its a cell phone or an ipod of some sort.

2. If you don't get one of the pumps that are waterproof, they have sports belts you can get - basically a belt you can put on that has a little plastic compartment you can put the pump into.

3. If you know that there will be a specific time you will be in the water for a while, you can give yourself an extra little dose of insulin and then disconnect from the pump. Usually as long as you're not disconnected for more than an hour, you'll be fine. You just have to be aware to check your blood sugar when you disconnect and as soon as you put it back on to make any needed correction.


I hope this helps! 

I love to swim and be in the water too. I have the Animas Ping, which is waterproof, but I still choose not to wear it in the water. When I'm active in the water, my blood sugar actually runs pretty low, but I still check it every hour or so just to make sure I'm not doing something crazy (you never know with diabetes!). I don't find the pump site to be very noticeable at all beneath the fabric of the bathing suit, either. Most people don't notice it unless I'm playing with it. I usually wear one piece suits or tankinis, but the pump site is fairly accessible. Like Nads mentioned, there are plenty of places to clip the pump if you want to keep wearing it.

Good luck and have fun. :o)


So I'm a lifeguard too and am on the pump. I use the Animas Ping and it is waterproof and has not given me any trouble while lifeguarding so far. I know the swimsuit issue is a bit different in that men's and women's swimwear are not at all the same, but I'm sure if you wear some sort of shorts over your suit with pockets to put it in or with a clip it should not be a problem. Also, when I know I'm scheduled to lifeguard I make sure I put my site where it will not be seen, perhaps someday it wont matter to me... but yea, it all works out fine.

Good luck, and go with the pump, its a pretty neat device.

awesome! thanks guys this helps a lot!

I am getting the Omnipod in one week- one of the major reasons is its compatibility with water.  I think it is one you could leave attached if you needed to jump in really quickly, and not worry about.  And since you attach it to yourself, not clip it on a suit, it may be more compatible with women's swimsuits.  I'll see how I really like it when I actually get it though!