Prescription issues

Is anyone having issues with the CVS pharmacy not being able to get needed supplies? I called in to CVS to refill my son’s OmniPod Dash pods some time ago. Insurance won’t fill before a specific date so I waited until he was down to about 7 pods. I am being told they are on back order, there is no word on when they will arrive. I was told by the pharmacist to have my doctor try another pharmacy, but would have issues with any CVS. We are down to one pod.
We have shots and can go back to that in the interim. Just curious if anyone else is or has experienced issues with the Dash pods and CVS?

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I’ve mentioned this in a couple posts already, but I try to avoid the big chain pharmacies if at all possible. My experiences with CVS have been negative overall. My father used to have to count his pills because often they would give him 28 or less pills for a one month supply. I would suggest going to a smaller pharmacy not part of a chain if at all possible because with them you are known and not just a number.

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My overall experience with CVS has been good and I’ve used them a very long time. There was an occasion where I needed an item I was told was on back order. I said I would check with the grocery store next door and the pharmacist told me that different pharmacies (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, etc) in the same area probably used the same supplier and to try one a little further out. I did, and that location had what I needed - and my regular one shared the rx so I didn’t need to have my doctor write another one. If you do that just be careful to pick the correct location when you place your next order. You could also check mail order suppliers - I get my pump and CGM supplies that way and have never had an issue - same for when I got my insulin and pills by mail. Your pod rep should be able to find one and set you up if you want to go that route although that would be for future planning.
If I can I’ll get some supplies out of pocket from Amazon or eBay. You’re not supposed to do that and ordinarily I’m big on following rules, but for the sake of having a backup supply I bend them from time to time and it has saved me. Of course I’m careful to check expiration dates.
I hope you find some - keep us posted.
PS - if you can see if you can change your subject line or add a question asking if anyone had any pods (I don’t know if the @moderators can do that if you can’t). It might get a faster response if anyone has some to spare.

@mv1234 , welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

You, your son, are in a difficult spot, but as long as you have injection supplies at hand there shouldn’t be much difficulty - you didn’t mention your son’s age. To find Pods for him, the suggestion of his pharmacist nay be your best path - it will take you a few minutes.

Begin calling drugstores / pharmacies in your area - those other than CVS - your pharmacist already checked those. Ask the places you call if there are ANY of the OmniPod type your son needs in stock, and ask is they will accept a prescription from his doctor. If you get a “yes” answer, call the doctor and direct that a script be sent immediately to the place where there are Pods. I did an on-line search and didn’t see evidence of Pod-Outages.

Hi @mv1234 welcome to Type One Nation. I use express scripts. They’ve been good to me. Good luck :four_leaf_clover: