Need supplies, 26 years old and struggling

Hi there! I just turned 26 in January and am struggling with my new insurance :frowning: I’ve ran out of all my omnipod and Dexcom supplies, and even my old Medtronic back up supplies. I went into dka last weekend without long acting insulin or a pump :frowning: does anyone have any extra omnipod, Dexcom g6, or Medtronic supplies for my old pump? I’m really struggling

Hi @Pmburns1995 …So sorry to hear your struggles. Sometimes there are people on the forum with extra supplies - they may respond to you directly, or sometimes they are listed for a few days on site (do a search for “supplies.”
I suggest you reach out to your endo and your reps - the may have some you can use. Also, make sure your rep gets in touch with your insurance - they have a greater understanding of the benefits and will work with your plan to get maximum coverage under your benefits (it’s not always as obvious add it looks).
Also, your endo should prescribe your insulin based on average use per day. Occasionally I’ve run just a little short because I had a few less than ideal days where I used more than usual - my insurance ran a one time override so I could pick it up a couple of days before it was due (!). I use a number a little on the high side for those days I need more, just in case.

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