Pray for me?

Hi, I'm sarah and lately I have ben having a darn-awfull time with my diabetes. I had a hypoglicemic seizure a couple of weeks ago and on easter weekend I had to stay in Children's hospital because I was ill. I'm starting to get ill again (My doctor wants me to keep my eyes open for signs of an apendistice.) I hope that you will pray for me seeing that I'm having a hard time. Please give a prayer to God, Jesus, St. Jude or anybody that you feel worthy of asking my wellbeing.

Please note that I'm catholic ;)

Hey Sarah-

I'm a Christian and I'm going to add you to my daily prayers.  Sorry you've had so many problems lately.

Do you do shots or use a pump?  When I did shots it seemed like no matter how hard I tried I would have extreme lows and highs.  It was really frustrating.  But things have been a lot easier with a pump.

Also, if you're under 20 and/or have PMS your hormones can do crazy things to your diabetes.  Over time you learn to accomodate.  

Take care and let us know how you're doing.   -Jenna

Payers sent to your way. Hope all will be fine.