Powerful photo!

My friend who I believe either had gestational diabetes during her pregnancy or her new born son is now diabetic but it was just so amazing to see this and think “I have all those supplies too!” Lol

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Hi @HelloVeronicaMorse welcome to TypeOneNation and the forum.

Wow! Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing. In case she’s not aware, your friend can get sharps disposal containers to chuck those used needles and syringes. Check with pharmacies or fire stations in the area to see if they will dispose of full ones; or contact your public works department - some pick them up, you just need to know how to prepare the container. There are also companies that will send you a container with a return mailing label, and they will do the job for you, for a price. Sorry I don’t have the info but you can Google it.
Congratulations to your friend and her family on their beautiful bundle of joy!

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@HelloVeronicaMorse Hi Veronica and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum!

It is mind boggling how many bits and pieces are needed to manage our diabetes. The picture you posted is impressive - I can just imagine my picture would look like. What I don’t see here is the many lancets and BG Check strips that must also have been used.