Extra supplies

I have old supplies from Mini med pumps I've had in the past. What can I do with them?? There new, but have been sitting in my garage. They haven't been used so I dont need a sharps container, but dont want to throw them in the trash. Any suggestions? I live in Southern CA. Thanks

Unfortunately they are considered a "prescription" and therefore subject to similar rules and laws.  While I HATE to even suggest .. the garbage is about the only place for them ...


Maybe a CDE can use them as demos ...



What kind of supplies are they?  Paradigm supplies or 508 and earlier supplies?

I would suggest calling up your local D clinic or JDRF office.

When I went off the pump, I had looooooads of supplies left still so we donated them to the clinic. They use them for demos and I believe when people need a couple sites, etc to get them through until their order shows up or they can afford to buy some. I've gotten insulin and strips for free in the past for the same reasons from the clinic.


then again I'm in Canada so the rules might be different.

Insulin Pumpers is an online organization (and forum) that accepts donations of unopened pump supplies and then gives them to people who've fallen on hard times. You can do a search for them online.

Tell us the web site address.

Here it is: