Positive thoughts needed...moral support

As some of you may or may not know I had a mini stroke in Jan. 2009 at 30 yrs. old. Here's a link  http://juvenation.org/forums/p/1443/9973.aspx#9973    if you're not familiar with my story.

My reason for this post is I have been seriously stressing myself to the max as my one yr. mark approaches, Jan. 26. I am finding myself thinking about having another mini stroke or possibly a full blown stroke every minute of everyday. I try not to dwell on it but asit gets closer the more overwhelmed I'm becoming.

I guess I just need to hear some positive reinforment (moral support) to try to have good thoughts instead of all the bad ones. I have read and have also heard that after a mini stroke (aka TIA) you are likely to have another TIA or a full stroke within a year. I know its not a guarantee but I am very afraid. It isn't like me to reach out for help like this but I feel comfortable enough here on Juvenation to reach out to all of you in my time of need.

Thanks for reading,


That sounds pretty stressful. Anniversaries of traumatic events are common times for people to have increased stress. I would suggest doing some things that are sure to make you happy or least take your mind off things. I would stress DO-ing because thinking too much can stress anyone out. Even so, I'm sure it's a good sign that you've come this far without a recurrent episode.

My daughters kindergarten teacher had a brain aneurysm many years ago and she celebrated the anniversary of it as her birthday. She lived and got a second chance of life on that day. I found it amazing she looked at it that way. Maybe you could try and do the same and it will help ease your fears some. I know its not for everyone but maybe it would work for you.

hi, MMs. i hope things will calm down for you. it's very easy for us to work ourselves up over our health. it's obviously very important to us. as others have suggested, i would do something to take your mind off of the anniversary or treat it like a special day. if you are able, hang out with your family and friends. maybe you could go out to eat, see a movie, play games, or do something else you enjoy. this really is your second chance.

of course, we are here to help you. take advantage of those around you as well. you know how well you are taking care of yourself-- to me, it sounds like you are doing your best and put your healthcare first. don't doubt yourself. have a little faith things will turn out okay :o)

This is exactly how my family plans to "celebrate" my son's 1st anniversary in March.  He was in dka...pretty bad.  It is absolutely a day to celebrate life!  We are going to have some sort of party.  Parties take a lot of planning and are very distracting.

My mom had a TIA four years ago.  She was under huge mental stress at the time.  She hasn't had another one.  She's 68.   I don't know if I'm the type who would be able to celebrate something that scared me so much (not criticizing others' suggestions; just saying not my route).  Celebrate if that's a distraction that might work for you.  And keeps finding ways to make peace with yourself and not be so scared.  I don't thinking anything I'm saying would be helpful, but I am thinking about you.

Orange,I will pray time moves fast and past that date.It is normal to feel anxiety over this.Just try to stat busy to keep your mind occupied with other thoughts,Stay close with family,friends.Talk about your fears with positive prople.Those that can seperate facts and fears.If you could call your doctor-maybe he could ease your mind.We all care about you here and stand with you to get passed that date.After that date comes and is gone you are going to feel much better.Take Care-You can do it sweet Orange!

I think that throwing yourself into something that you enjoy and will occupy you is a good idea.  Whether it be scrap booking, writing a book (get a life story fill-in-the-blank one from Amazon), making a quilt (or learning how to), get on ancestry.com and start filling in information about your family, volunteer, get on Facebook and start playing Farmville (or one of the many other addictive games), read a book (or a series of them).....

The idea is to keep your mind on something else as much as possible, This will not only keep you from obsessing, it will reduce your stress level.

Maybe the way to think about another incident is to change the way you think about it.  Maybe you could think that everyday there is less of a chance of a repeat incident?

You have a bunch of people pulling for you!  Keep talking!

HI Orange,

Have you made any lifestyle changes suggested by your doctor to help prevent future TIAs? (Regular exercise, medications, diet, others?) Think about the ones you have adopted and maybe there is one more you could add this month - then you can say to yourself -"look at all these things I am doing to prevent another one. I can't totally eliminate the risk, but I am doing all I can. I am going to focus on enjoying each day as it comes and planning for a life without another TIA." You'll be in my prayers.

Does the risk for another TIA go down after you hit the 1-year mark - if so, then getting to that point would be another reason to celebrate! Each day is one day closer to the risk being less.

Thank all of you for your kind words,prayers and suggestions. I am glad that I have everyone here to help me get though this time. I am in nursing school right now to get my LPN and I must say it keeps me very busy. Even that doesn't distract me for long before I am back to thinking what if???? I have great boyfriend and family I can talk to but I get choked up when I even think about the situation. So while I sit and read all of these wonderful replies I get a bit teary eyed. I am very honored to have such a great community to stand behind me !!! I'm trying to be brave ; )

I have followed and continue to follow all of the recommendations to help avoid having another TIA. Changing some of my foods I eat, take baby aspirin daily, watch my sugars, exercise and try to reduce the stress in my life. I am doing everything I can to stay in the "safety zone" as I call it. There will always be a risk for another TIA with possibility of being more severe than the first or a full blown stroke, atleast that's what I'm told. I am reminded everyday of my first TIA because my left arm is still numb, they never found a reason for it.  I am hopeful that if I do have another episode it isn't until later in my life.

Again, Thank You for all of your moral support, it is greatly appreciated !!!!!!!

You are brave and smart too ! I think it's great you are in nursing school !!! :)

Thank You Meme : )

Orange,We have not forgot you--Positve thoughts,Prayer and all good things to come your way !!!!

GIVE ALL YOU WORRIES TO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAKE CARE