Muddling Thru

Looks like I found a good group here at OneNation! Looking for support/commiseration/a kick-in-the-pants…dunno.
Shortest version…diagnosed in 70’s. have pump. no real plan anymore, winging it. went to an endo today and am totally overwhelmed, also have depression. Yes, my numbers stink, horribly.
Haven’t had great numbers since my D-buddy died from it 10ish years ago. (not blaming him, just haven’t handled the loss of support well).
I have a million reasons to live, and well. Yet here I find myself.

I was like that for quite a long time. I think the first step for me was developing a plan. Since thoughts are habitual and my plan of not having a plan was habitual, it was easy to “coast” through things. Now I find myself in the habit of trying to think positive and sticking to my plans/goals. Even though some days simply just suck (happens to all of us) I constantly find myself reminding myself to stay on target with my intent.

it is never too late to make a positive change. it is never too late to take good care of yourself.

My story is a lot like yours.

Helping others tends to keep me out of my own head and if I can do that I feel better. I can’t frame anything as “for the rest of my life” anymore, so I tend to frame things as “just for today”. I do not try to be perfect, press on and if at the end of the day you can say you did the best job you can do - you’ll sleep better.