Positive Social Media Posts!

Happy New Year, Everyone!! A new year means more advances in technology and research to get to Type NONE. My nine year old is going on her 4th year with T1D. She is a Youth Ambassador with JDRF Illinois. Forums and social media have been an amazing part of our journey. Yes, there are ups and downs in our house…but our family likes to look at our journey as an opportunity. We’ve met some amazing people and have gained unfathomable support from our family, friends and JDRF Illinois! This disease is nothing we ever asked to endure, but something to show our strength to the world! My biggest goal is to continue to portray a positive attitude with our daughter and the Type One community that surrounds us. Sometimes, the social media posts get to be very deep, angry and tiring. I do my best NOT to judge anyone else’s opinions or struggles, everyone has their own coping mechanisms. Please know in my humble opinion, this journey can be far less draining, with a positive mental attitude everyday. I wish I had the time to make a positive only T1D blog…but until then, I’ll keep my positive posts flowing on the various social media sites out there!!


Thank you! Keep it up!