Ping has shipped

The insurance work is done and the Ping will ship today for arrival at my house on Thursday. Finally. I had a brief scare from the Ping when the same rep who called me New Years eve and said they would ship called today to say that because of the new year they needed to run the insurance info again. He called back about 20 minutes later and said everything was fine.

We will be getting the pump (Black yech), a 3 month supply of infusions and cartridges and the meter. There is a coupon in the kit for a free skin (my son also wants black). I did convince him to go with a color for the infusion sets (he went with grey) so I guess progress is happening lol.

Today he also found out that he could get his lower braces off which he did so he is in a good mood. 

Once we get the unit then we have to call the hospital and get the dosage calculated etc. Hopefully, he can be using it next week.

WOOT and congrats!