Pcos + t1d

Has anyone else been diagnosed with PCOS on top of their T1D?

I’m interested in finding out how prevalent it is among women with T1D, how other people are managing the issue (meds, lifestyle, etc), and how pregnancy has gone for those with both PCOS and T1D!

Background: I was diagnosed with T1D 12 years ago and PCOS about 2 years ago, but I think it’s been a problem since I was a teenager. I have never had a normal cycle; when I was 16, they had to put me on birth control just to kickstart my body into having cycles. For the few years that I wasn’t on birth control, I’d maybe have 2 or 3 cycles per year. I’ve now been on Metformin for about a year, which has lowered my insulin resistance due to PCOS a lot, but sadly not helped me keep regular cycles. My husband and I are trying to conceive, so I’d love any feedback anyone has on dealing with PCOS as a diabetic.

Hi! I too was diagnosed with T1D, at 22, then a few years later PCOS! The Drs always said I’d have to have in vitro but I never did and I’m on pregnancy #2 as I type! I never had a normal cycle either on & off birth control til in my early 20s. Then I started looking into a healthier lifestyle; practicing yoga for the mind-body connection that was missing. It took 3 years of no period (when Dr’s so desperately wanted me to go back on the pill), & it finally returned! I knew it would eventually, it would just take work on other parts of my life. I changed my eating habits, ate healthier, practiced yoga, meditation, and eventually did a food allergy to test. It turns out I was allergic to so many foods I was eating which creates more inflammation in the body causing weight gain, and a myriad of other problems your body ends up manifesting.

Anyway, even after my first baby I needed up getting my period back after I was done breastfeeding so I honestly don’t know if I still have PCOS or not. I got pregnant again with no problems still. I think you should look into natural remedies then this way they will be long-lasting rather than being on a pill for eternity.

Thanks @Lilac1633! I have actually started trying to fix my hormone problems naturally as well–eating healthier meals and lowering carb intake drastically (attempting to eat in the ketogenic way). I met an older Type 1 who suggested doing so because she’d been having the same kind of problems and ended up losing 80 lbs and drastically lowering her insulin intake. I love your idea of being tested for food allergies; I think that may be part of my problem. My mom has extreme inflammation issues from autoimmune disorders, so I think I probably have some of the same issues. Thanks for the input!