Paleo Diet!

Hi everyone

I have been doing the paleo diet for about 6 months, and I am now completely off insulin.  I only get my carbs from fruit, veggies, and nuts.  I eat around 100-120 grams of carb a day, just tons of meat and greens with some fruit.  I have not needed insulin now for 5 months, and feel great! What do you guys think about this?? There is a really good book on it called "The Paleo Answer" by Loren Cordain I highly recommend it!


Thanks guys!

do you have type 2

    No, I am a type 1.  Although I do believe that its is more of a mixture then people think!

On days when I fast (injesting only plain water) I still need 30u of insulin a day to keep blood sugar normalized.  Every person needs insulin to survive and process glucose in the brain.  

If you're not taking insulin then your body has to be making some.  Why did your doctor determine you're a type 1?  What was your c-peptide test?  How long ago were you diagnosed?

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I was diagnosed about a year ago...why do you fast?

Believable really. I want to try this diet but my problem is that I have got no time to cook. I have had type 1 diabetes for 2 years Now. Will paleo diet help me? My dream is to get rid of insulin, even for Just days.

Hey Helen,

Ok, this diet is magical and I am not kidding!  After to start to eat like this you will gradually use less and less insulin until you do not need any. I highly recommend you go to he is an expert and on the paleo diet, on his website there is also a forum which is very interesting.  About the cooking, I cook all my meat on Sunday and the refrigerate it ( you can freeze the meat that will be for later in the week) and then all you have to do is throw some lettuce and veggies on top and some olive oil and you have a meal!

P.S I would really love to answer any question you may have!

Sending love and light, Jess


Jess is a salesman or a type 1 who's still honeymooning.

As a more newly diagnosed type 1 you should check out "Diabetes Solution" by Dr. Richard Bernstein's "Diabetes  (a physician who's had type 1 for 60 years) who advocates a low carb diet to preserve islet cell function.  But he is clear that it's not a cure for type 1.  

Your body either has to produce insulin or you have to inject it.  Every diet contains some, if low, amounts of carbs.  And the liver produces glucose that needs insulin to be utilized by the brain and all other cells.  

I've tried low carb in the past and my insulin needs definitely fell.  But I found it too difficult to maintain this type of diet long term.  

Good luck.  -Jenna

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These people are either selling the stuff directly or in this case might be paid to "work from home".

It really hurts my feeling that you guys would think that Iam a sales person...I really do not want to sound like that! What can I do so I do not sound like a sales person?

It really hurts my feeling that you guys would think that Iam a sales person...I really do not want to sound like that! What can I do so I do not sound like a sales person?

P.S I do not think that eating paleo is a cure...

I would be interested to know what you guys eat, and how you keep you blood sugar in control.

How about an expert in the field joins the conversation? ;o)

Paleo diet, as recently determined by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is a dangerous diet that promotes false information regarding its possible health benefits. As Jenna mentioned, it is a very difficult diet to maintain long term because of the lack of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates (and ketone bodies) are the ONLY form of nutrition the brain will accept and use as energy. We are all aware of the dangers of ketones, so that only leaves carbohydrate for the brain. The minimum the brain requires every day to function properly and fully is 130g.

I average somewhere around 200-250g of carb/day, depending on activity and lows. I typically use between 55-75 units of insulin - more or less depending on many things. My blood sugars are far from perfect, but I consider them in decent control. I know there are ways in which I could improve (there always are).

An important thing to keep in mind, which I only very recently learned, is that 33% of all blood sugars are unexplained (holy crap!). That means 33% of our numbers (those we test and those we don't) have no reasonable explanation. Therefore, eating paleo (or any other diet - even normally) won't result in perfect blood sugars. Nor will it result in no longer needing insulin.

Jenna did an excellent job of explaining the body's need for insulin. When eat low carb or no carb, our body produces it's own glucose via the liver to make up for what we are not eating. This process is called gluconeogenesis. Even if our blood sugar is within normal range, if we are not taking in carbs over longer periods of time (or not enough), our liver will create its own. Why? Because our body NEEDS carbs to run. Even if we deprive it of glucose through food, it will create its own glucose.

100% of all the carbohydrates we eat (regardless of starch or sugar) will break down into glucose in the bloodstream. 50% of the protein we eat will break down into glucose, and 10% of all the fat we we eat will become glucose. What does this mean? EVERYTHING we eat will break down into sugar. Yes, eating less carbohydrate will naturally decrease our insulin needs because we won't be needing as much insulin to cover our food. However, because of reasons I stated above (food and liver) there will ALWAYS be glucose floating around in the blood. If your blood sugar ever equals zero, it means you are dead. Blood sugar is a result of metabolism - if you have no metabolism, you have no body functions.

Your complete reduction in insulin is unexplainable and most likely implausible (not to be rude). As Jenna previously said, if you are taking NO insulin, it means your body has to be making its own insulin. I suppose there is also the possibility you misspoke as well - maybe you take long-acting insulin (like Levemir or Lantus) but don't take any short-acting. While this still doesn't necessarily make sense, an extended honeymoon isn't out of the question (especially if you are LADA/type 1.5).

Basically, what you are saying doesn't hold up to science. I'm not saying you're lying or intentionally misleading anyone. I'm simply saying based on what I know about both diabetes and paleo eating, everyone needs insulin.

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I have been on the paleo diet before and at first it seemed to help because I think my pancreas was still making a little insulin and I have always worked out quite a bit so the combination of exercise and my pancreas still working a bit helped me decrease my insulin intake. However, quite suddenly my glucose levels went through the roof so all of a sudden I had to take about 2 times the amount of insulin I had to take while being on the diet and I had to take almost 3 times the amount that I was taking when I first was diagnosed.

I do think that the diet has some good points but for me, I started eating more carbs than the diet suggested because of how much I exercise. The best thing about the diet is it made me stop eating grain. For years I had a great deal of pain in my knees and feet. After being on the diet for 3 weeks I had hardly any pain anymore. So, in a lot of people grain actually swells tendons or ligaments up.

So now, I'm not really technically on the diet anymore, but it helped me figure out what foods help me.

Thanks for shared great post.I liked your post..!!!

Hey Jess.  I don't know if you are still watching this thread, but C is right.  

I also want to make it clear.  Diet does effect the body in many ways.  The old adage "You are what you eat."  is more true than the majority of people would suspect.

More and more research into the effects of food on the body are revealing many interesting things, but I can tell you for a fact that any of these findings will not cost you a penny.  Medical journals will be released to the public free of charge.  Most of the people who find these relations of food to health will be so excited to share their findings that they will put it anywhere a person could easily hear it.

Try different things, find what works for you.  But never suspect that what works for you is "THE" answer.  The ways different peoples bodies work are a numerous as the stars.

But hurrah for you.  And I read the part where you said you get your carbs from fruits, I believe those are more easily processed by the body.  And my Christian beliefs lead me to think of the story of Daniel and the other children of Israel that were captured by the Babylonians.  They refused to eat the meats and sweets and rich foods that the Babylonians did and only ate fruits and tubers and drank only water.  They were more healthy than the Babylonian guys after a month or so.

Believe what you believe, as long as you believe something.

Go you.  And remember the people here a just lookin out for you.  

You are right, and this is what works for me...I do belive what you eat has a huge impact on how you feel, function, and live.  paleo is what helps me, feel, and function well, when you are younger your health problems will not show up as you age they will start happening, it is everyone out there reading this I just want you to know that I am 100% supportive of what you are eating if you are feeling good and have good control.

I personally love to share my ideas and findings with everyone, I belive we should all help each other, in getting where we need to be! So with that being said, I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween full of fun!!

xoxo, Jess

Hey Jess how goes the diet? Curious to see if is still what you thought it would be.