Changed diet

Good Morning everyone, I’ve recently changed my diet and started exercising more. I know the doctors told me I had to stay on insulin. However, I’ve went from taking 36 units of Tresiba to now only taking 8. My insulin carb ratio has changed significantly as well. I went from 1 unit for every 8 carbs to 1 unit for every 15 carbs. Reach out to me if you want to learn more. Bye bye for now. I’ll keep you posted once I’m down to zero.

Hi @peters94 and welcome to the forum. First of all super congratulations on your achievement - it’s quite impressive.
There are things I can do to lessen my insulin needs but even so I will always need to take some. I wonder if you are Type 1, or Type 2 who uses insulin? For those of us with Type 1 the body simply does not produce insulin - there may be a honeymoon period where it makes some for a while, but eventually production ceases and we have to take it externally.
There are tests that determine if the body is producing any insulin on its own (their names escape me but I’m sure others will provide). If you have not had one I would recommend it before you stop insulin altogether (should you ever feel you have reached that point). Keep up the good work.
PS - I am not a medical professional but a person with diabetes. Be sure to stay in contact with your doctor.

Yes! The doctors don’t want me off of it. However, my body is resisting insulin with frequent lows. I’m type one diabetic.

hi @peters94 If you are type 1, you can minimize your need for insulin but you can never get down to zero. everyone needs insulin or they will die. Type 1’s don’t make insulin meaning you will have to continue to inject (or inhale) insulin for the rest of your life. If you keep up all the exercise, you’ll just need a whole lot less! cheers good luck

Thanks Joe :blush::seedling: take care.

Hi @peters94 . I’m confused and hope you can help me understand:
You said you are insulin resistant, your insulin needs have dropped, impressively. Am I missing something? I thought perhaps your new habits helped with the resistance but it sounds like an ongoing issue.
Thanks for helping me understand - I like to learn - and I wish you the best with managing and minimizing those lows. It may be that your carb ratio is even lower when you exercise, depending on what you do. People find certain types of exercise may lower their numbers, while others might raise them. Might be something to look into and discuss with your doctor.

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That could be true, the change of diet helps. I spoke with the doctors, they will continue to drop it. I have hope, many others don’t.

How is it going? Any success?

Hi Lola, so far it’s been a rollercoaster. Got the 24 hour insulin down to 8units and insulin to carb 1 unit for every 25 carbs. Making progress! It’s been 17 years so I’m working on the patience.

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