Original OmniPod PDM with Dario vs. Dash

My son is not interested in a CGM. He has the Omnipod and changing that every 3 days is a stugggle. I can’t imagine also attaching a CGM to him.
We have the original PDM and it’s functionality is limited. The PDM also has the blood meter, so he pricks his finger reads the value on the PDM.
I can’t believe the DASH doesn’t incorporate a blood reading capability. Even if they were able to use the Dario doggle to read his blood in one unit. Currently he uses the Original PDM and a finger pricker and he can be independant. If he got the DASH, he’d need the DASH, a pricker and a second blood reader! Who is the work thinks the DASH is a advancement? If the DASH accepted the doggle from the Dario (and the app to read blood), then he’s only have to take the Dario unit and the Dash. Also, why is the Omnipod using such old technology batteries? If you open them up, there are three button type batteries that get thrown away every 3 days! The OmniPod should be rechargeable LiON battery - you send two OmniPods to me, I charge one while he wears the other one. Make the adhesive reusable. This is simple. I am so frustrated with the lack of progress and technology, yet Insulet thinks they are making progress. They are not.

Very frustrated.