Omnipod input/reviews

My son is 9 and newly diagnosed Type 1. We are currently looking into the Omnipod and dexcom G6 CGM. We are looking for input about ether/both systems. Thanks in advance.

@jb4873 hello John,

if you click the spyglass icon in the upper right corner you can do a search on “Omnipod” you will find a mountain of discussion here on pros and cons.

in general, all pumps are basically the same and offer the same benefits and risks.

the dex is also a site favorite and there are many discussions here as well.

as far as starting both at the same time… may be a little too much tech for a 9 year old to wear, “out of the gate” and maybe a bit too much to learn all at once… just my opinion. if I had to choose I would choose to start and get comfortable with the CGM before a pump.

I always recommend “Think like a pancreas” or “Pumping Insulin” as the best book references if you are new the the technology.

cheers please let us know how you are doing…

Hello John @jb4873, you and your son are embarking on a long learning journey - and one that can be accomplished. Yes, the many “tools” available make this journey “easy” but don’t rush into too much too quickly and overwhelm yourself or your son - recall how you were when you were nine.

@Joe offers you some great tips and I’d also advise the same. Your dream for the “Pod & G6” may be available in 2019 and it sounds very promising; but be sure to explore all options and combinations. I’ll put a link below for the OmniPod timeline.

Even before you bring yourself and especially your son to the point of having a device or devices constantly mounted on your body i suggest that until he is moderately stabilized that you stay with fingersticks and injections while HE learns how his body feels under varying conditions - I waited 47 years before my first pump and now I live well with its benefits.

I’ve tried a few different ones over the last 10 years. I have completely fallen in love with the new Medtronic pump and receiver combo. I love that they talk to each other directly and deliver insulin when needed even if I’m not paying attention.

Thanks for the input. We are definitely going to go with a CGM.

High John, love them both. The CGM is a life saver in so many ways, especially at night when your sleeping. the alarms goes off if things aren’t right in plenty of time to avoid any problems and the Omni Pod is tubeless and for a child you don’t need a tube to interfere with ;his activities and it’s better for the child that his friends don’t think he is much different, tubes invite questions and sometimes they leak or get caught, I was diagnosed at his age (64 yrs ago) and pumps weren’t even in the future, but an Omni pod is so tiny it can go anywhere and it is good up to 25 ft of water, don’t think any of the others are. Omni Pod and Dexcom are working on a combined unit, can’t wait. Bye jan

My boy is 9 and diagnosed at 7. Dexcom sending data to phones to me is the #1 most important thing about the CGM. We did a 6 week free trial with Medtronic and did NOT like it - it seemed cheaply made and being tethered by the tube was just irritating. We went with the Omnipod and MUCH prefer it.

I’ve heard people swear by the Medtronic 670 and how great it works, and I believe it. But having data sent to our phones and a tubeless pump are awesome. As others have mentioned, the hybrid closed-loop system is on the way. Trials are complete for adults, and in work for children, as I understand it.

We just received the Dexcom G6, and so far so good - as promised. No more finger pricks! And the one-touch insertion device is nice. Seemed daunting at first, but worked great.

We have both but I agree start one at a time. We started with dexcom then about 4 months later Omni. Good luck!


My son was diagnosed 1 week after his 9th birthday. We started using the Omnipod pump along with the Dexcom CGM about 9 months later. We love both products! My son wouldn’t even consider a pump that wasn’t wireless. We are happy with our choice. Without Omnipod he would be limited in where he goes and who is watching him, however, Omnipod is easy to use and takes the worry out of eating when he’s not with me. The Dexcom is a lifesaver as well. I love knowing his blood sugar whenever and wherever I want. I hope this helps with your decision

Hi John. My son was diagnosed 7 months ago at the age of 10 with T1D. I immediately got the Dexcom cgm. It is a lifesaver. I could not go a day without it now. We recently started using the Omnipod anout 3 weeks ago. I do like it. I really like not having to give him shots because he hated it so much.

Please let me know if you have questions about either of them.

Take care and hang in there. This is a journey.

DO IT!! I’ve been a diabetic for 12 years and an Omni pod user for roughly 9-10 of those. I’m a nursing student and work full time so it makes life so much easier! No cords to catch on everything and it can be concealed easily (I go to formal dinners frequently and have to wear dresses) Omni is an AMAZING company to work with. They can send out a demo pod if you want to see how it feels for the 3 days. Plus they have great support and if you have a pod malfunction they replace it for free!!! Couldn’t speak higher of the system or the company!

I am 14 and I have had type 1 diabetes for 13 years. I have had the Omni pod since I was 8 and I love it! It’s water proof so I can swim with it and it also stays on when I run or play outside! It also helps me control my sugar and easy for me to work and would I highly recommend it! And for the dexcom I don’t not have one but I am also looking into it! My friend has it and she says it has helped her so much! I hope this helps!!!

My 16-year-old daughter, diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago, is getting ready to go on a pump for the first time. We’ve used the Dexcom G5 CGM - It’s very helpful, although its connection can be inconsistent. We are getting ready to go on Omnipod pump. We picked it because it is tubeless. We were surprised to hear that the one they’re recommending for us - Omnipod DASH AHEAD - is in limited market release right now, and we have to sign a waiver before we can proceed. Also, all of her data will be shared with the company - I guess they are monitoring things during their final ‘beta’ test (my words, not theirs). I’m looking for input on this product. Has anyone else used this, and also gone through this beta test process? Thanks in advance for the feedback.

** I am 77 years old and was diagnosed with LADA six years ago. I was on a med Tronic pump which made me crazy and then I finally was able to get . The Omni pod is the best pump in the universe it is fabulous I feel so comfortable with it and I also have a Dexcon five I’m waiting to get the six and it will be available to me with my Medicare in October. But between the five and Omni pod I am a happy camper. **