Trying the Omnipod

After using the minimed pump for the past 9 years  I am going to be trying out the omnipod tomorrow! I am so excited to be wire free and scared at the same time!! I will let you all know how it goes! Sooooooo excited...

I know a lot of you use it and there are tons of threads on it so I won't ask opinions unless you want to comment of course ahaha

I will be getting it put on at 4pm est. in case you wondering!

Hi Gina !!

I too was using the minimed pump for a while and then I started having problems due to kinky in the tubing and my infusions sets not properly being inserted :( I recently switched to the omnipod about 2 months ago and I have to say it was the best decision I could have made !! It is awesome not having to have to disconnect to take a shower, go swimming etc. !! I also like it because it inserts itself :) I can wear it in a lot of different places without having to worry about tubing and I love that it is controlled by a pdm that does not have to be by you inless you are bolusing. It is also cool because the pdm also is your glucometer !! Good luck with it and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have !!


- Courtney :)

I too am getting the Omnipod tomorrow, and I am as excited!  I had the Medtronic minimed and the minilink continuous glucose monitoring system.  My insurance paid 100 percent for the pump, but didn't pay anything for the CGM.  Medtronic charges $350 a month for the CGM and it is a pain in the rear to use.

So I got the deal from Omnipod for $299.00 (it costs $1750.00) and my insurance pays for everything, including Freestyle test strips and pods.  I understand that a CGM will work with the omnipod, so that is an option. Plus I will be free of the dang cords!

Our son who is nine has been on the OmniPod for six months and we all love it!!! Sometimes the pod will detect an occlusion and/or the PDM will show" insulin delivery stopped", when this happens it deactivates the pod and you have to replace the pod immediately. So always bring extra pods/ insulin wherever you go. Good luck... you are going to love it!!!

Good luck, Gina.  I hope you love it as much as I do.  In fact, I was very anti pump because I hated the tubing. I went 8 years with manual injections before i got brave enough to try the Omnipod -- it's perfect for me.  I've been meaning to start a thread asking people where they wear their pods.  I've mostly been wearing it on my lower abdomen (under my pants) but I'm wondering about thighs and hips. Anyone out there had success with that?  I'm worried about occlusions. I've had several recently and i don't know why!


Thanks everyone for your input! t-minus 18 minutes till the pod!

I have a minimed CGM which is the only thing that bothers me about all of this. I would have to wear to separate devices instead of one that is an all-in-one. We shall see. I love the fact that I will be tubeless especially that the summer is coming because this is the time of the year that I really hate wearing my pump. Every summer I dread the beach or the pool because of the constant connect/disconnect.

I am really glad I have been given an opportunity to test this out! To be continued!!

Just trialing with no insulin or saline. See if I like how it feels. So far so good. I have it on my lower back.

I have always wondered about this...  with the Pod (or any pump, I guess, if you leave it on) - when it gets really hot in the summer and you're outside for a long time, doesn't the heat affect the effectiveness of the insulin in the pump?


Yes, it makes the insulin less potent. You are more than likely changing it more often in the summer. When I was in Vegas I was changing it every other day and put less insulin in it because of the heat.

Funny, I live in DC and it's HOT here in the summer.  I haven't had any issues with the insulin being less potent.  I tend to change my pod every two days anyway so  I didn't have to make any changes to my regime in the summer.

I actually just got started on the Omnipod last night !! And I love it alreadyyyy.. I was doing 4+ injections everyday, and now I'll only have one small prick every 3 days ! Im already noticing so much more freedom.. and less things to carry ! haha.

This morning it was so weird not doing my lantus, or my humalog shot, I thought I was doing something wrong =p But its making me happy !


That would be one of my concerns for using the Pod.  If I had a day where I was going to be outside for a period of time... there's no way to disconnect and put it in a cooler or something.  In effect, you're running your Pod, and the corresponding insulin, while you're outside.  That would be a total bummer! 


Good luck and we look forward to a full review. Like you I went with the MM because of the integrated CGMS over 2 years ago after being on injections for 25 years. I know I could not go back to injections. I am surprised that MM is still the only pump company with the whole package with meter and CGMS integration. What meter brand does the Omnipod use in the PDM? My insurance doesn't cover the Freestyle strips, which I believe is what it uses, so I wouldn't be as interested as covered strips are free.

i'm switching to the omnipod as well. i have only had my minimed since september 2009, but i am pretty unhappy with it, so i am hoping the omnipod will work out better for me.


I rotate where I wear my pod; I start on my outer thighs, then rotate up to my lower abdomen and finally move up to the back of my upper arm. So each area has at least 15 days between uses, if each pod is adhered for the full 3 days. I have not tried the lower back simply because I can't see it to place or remove it.

I have to say the air temperature does not seem to affect my insulin but extremely hot showers or hot tubs are not a good idea, because your body temperature might go up!

Hope you love the pod as much as I do. And I have been told that an integrated CGM is in the works along with thinner pods and "code-free" test strips.


This is some good information.  I am currently on the pump and have been thinking about the omnipod.  I love the pump but hate the wires.  I have had some real problems with kinked tubes that have sent my sugars way too high.  There aren't too many places to hide the pump especially when wearing a dress.  Even if you have pockets the tubing is hanging out. 

Is it an easy switch from the pump to the pod?  Isn't the pod just like the pump but no tubes?


The Omnipod is an insulin pump, it just has a wireless controller and the insulin reservoir (the pod itself) is adhesive and sticks right to your body.


Omni uses freestyle strips. I think more companies are going to integrate just don't know when...

Gina, how is your Omnipod experience so far? I'm curious to hear more about this option.

There is a FDA public health notice about the potential for falsely elevated glucose readings from glucose meters such as the Freestyle brand, if used together with certain kinds of drugs. As an fyi, here it is.

I used the Animas insulin pump for almost 2 years & started having problems with insulin delivery because of the tubing. I started on the Omnipod last week. Oh my! I LOVE it! More freedom & my BG #'s have been so much better. It is a lot easier to disguise with clothing also. Good luck! Keep us posted on how it is working for you!