Ordering Test Strips to work with the Omnipod


I am having a really hard time finding a place to send me the Freestyle test strips that work with the Omnipod.  I know that some will work with it even though they aren't FDA approved, but where can you get the correct ones?

I have reordered 3 times through a company who supposively has these strips and knows the difference and now, 2 weeks past my reorder date, I still have the incorrect strips.  I have been stuck using my OneTouch Ultra Mini with some random strips I had left over.  Any suggestions?


Try American Diabetes Wholesale.  They end up being the cheapest at $51/100.  Free shipping with orders of $100 or more.  Service is good.  I got my last order in 2 days.  BTW, these are the new ZipWik Freestyle strips but they work fine with the OmniPod, no problems since switching to these.  I think these are better and more accurate.

I can tell you how to save another "15%" on orders from them if you send me an email.

I was getting the newer test strips through my mail order pharmacy through insurance.  They did work fine. I also have a CGMS through a third party company.  That runs through my Durable Medical Equipment on my insurance.  Turns out, my strips can also be processed through DME on my insurance so I get my strips from the same company that supplies my CGMS supplies.  And they are the older ones.  The company name is CCS Medical.

I ordered through Liberty, but it took three tries to get the right strips.  Here are the NDC numbers I was given by Abbott which may be helpful:

50 count: 99073-0120-50

100 count: 99073-0121-01