One year down

My daughter Lexie is approaching her one year anniversary  on Nov. 14. It has been a roller-coaster ride but our "new normal" seems more like "normal". There is still a lot of work to do but we will make it!!!!! I wanted to thank everyone out for the emotional support. It is great that we have this wonderful site to turn to when we feel alone. Lexie has really worked hard this year not only with her Diabetes but excelling in her life with her diagnose.To try and make Nov 14 a happy date we are getting an addition to our family...a Corgi Puppy named Doc we pick him up on Sat!

Her first year with Diabetes:

she helped her Elem. school organize a walk for the JDRF that raised around $7,000.

she received two reserved championships and many placings with her horse

she started middle school and received all A's and B'  for the 1st quarter

she started on her pump and is taking on her daily maintenance

I am very proud of you Lexie and we are in this together girl!!!!!

My daughter just passed her one year mark in October.  It was a bitter-sweet day.  The way these kids adapt and grow stronger amazes me.  You should be very proud of her and of yourself as well! 

That is great! It sounds like she has been doing a lot to raise awareness and money for a cure.

I remember on my one year, my mom offered me cake and ice cream....not cool.

It's kind of cool that her one year is World Diabetes Day.

Great job, Lexie, and keep up what you are doing! Have a great day on Sunday!

oh and I forgot got blue extensions in her hair to raise awareness ....

I hope her second year is smoother than the first now that you all have the routine down! Congrats on making it through and to all her accomplishments.

Congrats! It only gets easier from here! She should be very grateful to have such a supportive mom! :)